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It does not require many words to speak the truth.

Chief Joseph (In-mut-too-yah-lat) Nez Perce (Chute-pa-lu)

      There exists a basic hard truth that a majority in this country either denies outright, or buries themselves in the illusion of some kind of a sacred goodness that comes with being that hybrid known as an American. If the truth about this country is not acknowledged, then necessary changes cannot be made, and the domination of an already oppressive government will continue its ongoing encroachment into every aspect of our lives.

    That hard truth is not a single isolated fact, but a series of realities. They lead to the irrefutable truth that the United States, since its inception, has been, and remains, the greatest lie and hypocrisy in history. With very little stretching, you can also refer to the USA as the largest and most nefarious of criminal organizations.

    This country, the government, (not the land), has in its relatively short existence, been involved in and committed more acts of war than any other nation. These wars, battles, incursions, excursions, police actions, (by whatever euphemisms applied), are accompanied by self-serving justifications and an outcry of (self) righteous indignation.

     The USA has been responsible for the most egregious of human rights violations. It has been responsible for the largest holocaust, and it has committed the greatest number of acts of terrorism of any nation in history. It is the all time champion of, (often laughable), spin, and of putting on a good face. All amid its selfserving justifications.

     At many pow-wows, when the Veterans Dance is being introduced, you often hear a litany of wars: World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, the wars in Afghanistan, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, etc, etc, ad nauseam. And that does not take into account the pre-20th Century conflicts, which included the massacres of the Indigenous People, or the numerous so-called banana wars involving the U.S. in the Americas south of the border, on up through the 1960s and 70s to the present time.

      This country, this government, was born and founded on violence. It counts bodies as tokens, as if keeping score in a sporting event. But, war and violence leads to only one thing, destruction and slaughter and sowing the disturbing seeds of hatred and mistrust. You do not, can not, create peace out of war. It is a gross oxymoron. The very concept of killing and destruction in the name of peace makes no sense.

     Bloodstained battlefields are put forth as monuments of awe and worship. Of course, the criminal acts at the Washita River, Sand Creek, and Wounded Knee, (to name but a few), are neatly and conveniently swept under the proverbial rug. How many of those whom the USA puts forth as heroes, and to whom monuments are erected, can you name who were not involved in violence?

    This government, while proclaiming such nonsense as democracy for all, interferes with and sticks its nose into the affairs of other sovereign nations, and then wonders why they are hated and spat upon and become the recipients of the brutal nightmare of such incidents as what is now known as 9-11. Why here, and why not somewhere else? The answer is as obvious as it is simple. The families of those 9-11 victims, rather than looking thousands of miles away to lay blame for their losses, need to do a 180 and look at their own government for the root cause of their grief.

      There is also the unique historical US phenomenon of overkill, (which is taking place at this moment in Afghanistan), as innocent people and their land are burned and bombed into oblivion. All in search of an enemy who whether good, bad or evil, was created by and put into play by the very government now out to seek and destroy him.

    It calls to mind the prophetic brilliance of Orwells 1984, with the endless parade of propped up enemies as Big Brother exhorts the masses to cries of, hate, hate, hate. If you have never read it, do so now. If you have read it, read it again, or find the excellent movie starring John Hurt and Richard Burton.

    To make it easy for the masses to have a definable target for their hate and outrage, those with whom we war, for the most part, dont look like white Americans and their cultures are vastly different than most of our Euro-white population. These enemies, beginning with the American Indian, have included a parade of Asians, Arabs, Africans and Hispanics. This way you dont need a scorecard. If they look or act differently, they must be the enemy.

      Remember, we are talking about a country that espouses freedom, equality, impartial justice and peace. Those, however, are the words. The actual deeds are violence, mayhem, oppression and destruction. In other words, it speaks with forked tongue always.

     Note too that in a classic example of the tail wagging the dog, these intrusions into and overt (often covert) acts of violence in other lands are now given titles on which we are supposed to hang our hats. What we really need to be hanging are our heads.

    Add to that the sanitizing of the war in Afghanistan, billed as The War Against Terrorism. We get some numbers and fragments of information, but where do you see any freedom of the press airing images of the horrors and great costs of war as we experienced during Vietnam.

     The United States learned its lesson in Vietnam, and since then finds cause to suppress more liberties, such as freedom of the press and freedom of speech, by suppressing the actual images of the violence in Afghanistan. Why? Of what are they afraid? Could it be the truth? Of course, they love to scream about national security? Even though it is their policies which have created this global insecurity.

     Never lose sight of the fact that this so-called land of the free and home of the brave was founded on acts of violence. It came about on the back of the most horrendous human rights violations and acts of terrorism ever committed on this or any soil: Lands stolen, cultures, rites and customs forbidden outright, or viciously destroyed, entire nations persecuted and slaughtered. Chemical-biological warfare began right here, when smallpox infested handkerchiefs and blankets were parceled out to Indians.

     They, the Euro-whites, came here, (we are taught), to escape persecution: To live as free men and women. So what did they do? Exactly what they claimed to be escaping. They persecuted, destroyed, enslaved and denied freedom to the people they encountered -- the First Nations who, for thousands of years, lived on and with this land we call Turtle Island.

    Among their justifications, besides the horrific, invented and asinine notion of Manifest Destiny, was to make, (in their words and actions), them like us. The us certainly being a people to emulate consisting as they were (and are) usurpers, liars, thieves, kidnappers, enslavers, rapists and mass murderers.

     At Powwows, I am often asked by spectators why we carry the stars and stripes and honor it at all? My answer is, I dont know. I have never been able to understand figure that out. It is akin to Jewish people honoring the swastika. Can anyone tell me how it is different?

    True, many American Indians fought and died for that flag. Why? Again, I dont know why one volunteers to travel across the world to risk life and limb for the flag of the oppressor and the murderers of your ancestors. Unless they choose my excuse; I served before I knew better.

     This is, by the way, is not intended as a mass indictment of the Caucasian race or to insinuate that evilness is inherent in that race or among all Europeans. Negative references to that race or European heritage refer to the particular mindset we encountered over 500 years ago, and which remains to this day. They are referred to here, for lack of a better term, as Euro-whites. They are the true savages, a term they have attempted to falsely pin to the American Indian.

      It is that particular Euro-white institution we know as the Government of the United States, and its duped henchmen and supporters, (far more than any other culture or race,) who have been, (and are), primarily responsible for the destruction of our planet, for the most wars and outright violence, for the extinction and slaughter of numerous species floral and fauna and of human cultures, and for the greatest number of and most outrageous acts of imperialist behavior.

     When you check out white supremacy, (a true contradiction of terms if there ever was one), movements, what you are witnessing is a mass guilt and inferiority complex in action. We live on conquered, stolen land, occupied by a government that claims to be a land of freedom. Its behavior since its inception flies in the face of such a claim. Lets look at some of these freedoms they love to flaunt.

     Freedom of Speech. Now thats the big one they love to shove at you. Where else, they scream, can you speak as freely as you can here and as you are now? Well, most places for one thing. For another, the right to express myself freely comes as a product of birth. It is part of the inherent package of inalienable rights we are endowed with and not something for which we need to fall on our knees to the government for in deep gratitude.

     And speaking of freedom of speech, exercise it, really speak out boldly, and watch how quickly you are monitored, observed and otherwise harassed. Freedom of speech is as inherent a birthright as are freedom of assembly and religion. Native Americans had these long before the invasion of Euro-whites. The question still remains; what freedoms do they give me which are not mine by natural right? Yet they have the gall to claim to have given these freedoms to me! I am fortunate, perhaps, because I can travel from coast to coast. As Chief Joseph said, We may as well expect the rivers to run backwards as to expect any man born a free man to be content penned and denied the liberty to go where he pleases.

    Much as I consider alcohol and other mind-altering drugs reprehensible and stupid forms of recreation, who does and should own our very bodies? That we must be held responsible for our violent and otherwise criminal actions, (if and when they occur), is one thing. But, we are paying for prisons to be filled with ordinary people serving hard time because they chose to pickle their very own brains. Prohibition virtually created a criminal class of otherwise ordinary, peaceful people overnight with sweeping legislation. The same occurred when other so-called recreational drugs were decreed to be illegal. What didnt work for the one drug doesnt work for the others, that is obvious. So why do it?

     A comparatively few people, to whom we refer as the government, are somehow acknowledged to be imbued with divine wisdom because they hold office. They then determine with whom we may or may not do commerce, where we may or may not travel abroad, and often what we may or may not consensually do in our own bedrooms and with whom. A portion of the fruits of our labors, (our income), is taken, (make that stolen at gunpoint with the threat of imprisonment), as these people called the government, (erroneously referred to as leaders and public officials), decide where and how our own hard-earned money is to be spent. Always of course with the ever present spin as to how much good it is doing, such as to put someone else through school for example, and how moral and ethical are such government programs are, (as if that was where most of our taxes go).

     We lose then, by decree, by force, our own morality and our right to choose what causes, if any, are meaningful to us. Because one is born within these borders, they are by dint of that birth obligated to care for everyone else who is also considered to be an American and happens to be alive at the same time. And, we are eligible to be shipped around the world to kill and maim, and risk being killed and maimed, by people of other countries for any sundry causes or excuses our government gives, whether they are meaningful to us or not.

     The prevailing attitude of the United States from day one has been: Might makes right! We have become strangers in what is now a strange and strangled land. A landscape we cherished, respected and protected has been overrun, not by a superior people and culture, but by the sheer weight of numbers of ravenous consumers.

     Unlike our African-American brothers and sisters, to whom Africa remains a vision to which they cannot return, we have been forced to sit by and watch the uglification of America, as the blight spun as progress and development destroys the land we nurtured and that nurtured us. Their goals are always short term, quick fixes, with never an eye or a thought to what lies in the wake of the encroachment, pollution and destruction.

      It cannot continue, and if history is truly a teacher, the United States will self-implode. As Indians, we have endured despite the most horrific, off the chart odds. We must heed the truth presented in articles like this. We must remove the blinders and open our own eyes, and, through education, the eyes of all others who can be made open. We must, above all, look back to Pontiac and Tecumseh and other great heroes of our people, and stop the petty Euro-White style of bickering among ourselves. We must take care of our health, so we are strong as individuals who can then contribute to forging a strong, unbreakable chain.

     Forget treaties and enforcing them. They were not only worthless then, they were created under the false premise that you can forcibly steal someones home and then under severe duress shove a contract down his throat. We can prevail! We will prevail, and we will long endure. Our greatest strength is the truth, and knowing that we are right. 

Brother Eagle Warrior is a senior warrior of the Eastern Lenape Nation (ELN) and an instructor for the Red Heart Warriors Society (RHWS). 
He can be contacted at:

This article was reprinted with permission from the Summer, 2002
edition of the Newsletter of the Red Heart Warriors Society

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