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    There are those, most of them non-Indian, who have said and still say - that the coming of the White Man to this land was a complete surprise. As well there are those non-Indian who deny the spiritual of the Native American and speak that his ways of worshiping the Great Spirit and receiving of Visions are pure bunk; made up to gain advantage over their fellow ignorant savages. Well, the following is a very short story, but it puts a lie to the misspoken words of people like that, who to the shame of this country yet live and thrive to this very day. While this story is short, I include it because of the one that spoke it. The speaker in this case is one that basically anyone having any sort of knowledge of things Native American will recognize; and is one that all people regardless of what Camp of Opinion they dwell in, acknowledge and respect as a Truth Giver.

Black Elk is on the left; 
Picture during an extended European Dance Tour 1887-1889.

Photo attributed to Smithsonian Institute

Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

    A long time ago my father told me what his father told him, that there was once a Lakota (Sioux) holy man, called Drinks Water, who dreamed what was to be; and this was long before the coming of the Wasichus (white men). He dreamed that the four-leggeds were going back into the earth and that a strange race had woven a spider's web all around the Lakotas. And he said: "When this happens, you shall live in square gray houses in a barren land, and beside those square gray houses you shall starve."

    They say he went back to Mother Earth soon after he saw this vision, and it was sorrow that killed him. You can look about you now and see that he meant these dirt-roofed houses we are living in, and that all the rest was true. Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking.

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