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October 29, 2001

    What is it about Politicos, that eagerly bellow, Lets go swimming and save that poor fella drowning out there!!; make a mad dash to the waters edge while screaming various and a sundry Patriotic Slogans (some of which make no sense, by the way); then halt at waters edge and timidly stick a toe in to say: Oy! Thats too cold, lets wait several years for the sun to warm it up. Meanwhile, it might be entertaining to see how long that fella can tread water.?

    Now, let it be known, I am not a Hawk, as it were. I too would like to see Peace binding all the peoples of Earth together. However, I also do not have Terminally Stupid tattooed across my forehead.

    One must ever keep in mind, that indeed, this IS the Earth and while it remains on the existence plane that it is in, true unified as one Peace is not going to happen here; and, humans are not going to collectively lay down their arms and open their hearts on their own volition. They simplyarenot. No matter how much we might wish it so.

    It has been said, in various ways by various people throughout the Ages, that in order to gain any type of peace that will survive past the ink drying on the pages of agreement and the time it takes to put the money in the bank, is through war; and that the only way to ensure that the peace lasts, is to remain strong and visibly so, letting no doubt in anyones mind enter in, that you mess with The Dove of Peace, you get the spear it rests upon.

    I do not, for the life of me, and never have understood politicians. They go hip deep and headlong into a war that as it turned out, we had no business being in and was only there to show the French how to do it when they failed even though the US was paying 3/4ths of their financial bill at the time they were fighting: Viet Nam. A war that the American people definitely did not understand nor want to be

    Now, the politicians turn around, where they have everything in their favor for a war for all the right reasons: the peoples agreement, their support, their patriotism, their moneytheir very insistence; in fact, much of the worlds and there they sit, gabbling like 87 hens trying to hatch the same egg: Afghanistan/Terrorism, to keep it simple.

    As with anything, if one is going to do somethingthen do it, and do it quickly. I begin to see why President Bush and all the others have been crying out that this war will take so and so many years. It is going to take at least three years to something better than Make no mistake about itandEvil Doers.

    When you were a kid, you either experienced it or saw it happen. Where when you stood up to a bully and immediately smacked him on the nose, the fight went out of him and the crowd was behind you; many times he became your best buddy.

    On the other hand, if you stood there, and did nothing after opening your big yapyou had years of misery ahead of you and no one to share it with. guess what, Mr. President, the bully is rapidly regaining his composure and the crowd is beginning to dissipate.





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