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September 2001

    Let it be known, right at the beginning here, that in many, many ways, I am in accordance with what has been said and written about this event in all its aspects.

    Let it also be known that I honor and respect the lives lost; the families left behind to live in the desolate never ending circle of Why?; the men and women who have responded and are responding, with the highest degree of their respective professions; the volunteers who heard the silent call of their own hearts and even now still stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the professionalseven as both segments lost their lives during and after the attack that has shown the True Face of Unreasoning Hate; and those brave, brave souls that most assuredly kept at least one plane from smashing into our Countrys White House.

    Are you one of those who think the reaction of America is being overdone and hasty now? Try to imagine what the response would have been had the Capitol Building been hit.

    More than this, I am not going to dwell upon as far as these most blessed people of all walks of faith, color, and creed, as well as nationality are concerned. There is far and away enough being written upon their behalf and by better wordsmiths than I.

    I am, however, going to speak my mind on more than a couple aspects revolving around this tragic event. Of which to my immediate knowledge, none have touched upon to this point. I apologize in advance, if some of what I say, might tend to a few, here and there, inflame them to one degree or another. I apologize, not for my words and thoughts, but I am sorry that even in this time of woe, there are those who will not allow any other mindset or thoughts arise unless they faithfully echo their own.

    Still, the words will be laid forth here; and if I am not mistaken, those old sacred pages with all the names signed upon it and the old cracked bell both guarantee and symbolize my right to do so.

    The question has been asked of quite a few, on various TV shows, did the attack come as a surprise. As near as I have seen, the common consensus has been: yes, With one or two saying they were not. To those few I add my own. What did surprise me is that the attack was not done on a larger scale, that is, I fully expected the West Coast to be hit with at least a city in the northern mid-west and the southern mid-west as well.

    As I have said, I am in full accord, with the strident voices crying out for the elimination of Terrorism around the globe. But, I have a thought and as of this writing I have yet to make up my mind if that thought is born of fear, outrage, non-plussed at the surface scan this eradication is to take place, and where or simply the despair of realizing that it took millions of years for man to develop a thumb and apparently is going to take millions more to learn to remove it from their collective butt.

    The thought is this: There are voices clamoring for this wiping out of terrorist groups, cells, organizations and what all all over the globe, with not a word being said about the ones we harbor, right here, in the midst of our great country, who shield themselves with the very flag that has been brought to the forefront in these past days. Who do you think Timothy McVeigh and company were, if not terrorists. And, when all is said and done, what as well as who, do you think all these fine-sounding, and not so fine-sounding organizational names such as Posse Commitatus, Neo-Nazi Party and Ku Klux Klan, harbor? Terrorism and Terrorists. Pure and simple. This also applies to all the color hating, race dividing, supremacy groups of the entire Skittles Rainbow.

     It is well and fine, that America demands a coalition to put an end to Terrorism in countries throughout the world but, it would behoove the American People who truly believe in Flag, Country and Equality of Mankind, to notify our Government: Hey! Let us make sure we clean our own house out, as well!

     And this applies to the very individuals that are even now attacking in one form or another, their fellow citizens, because of their very own private hate and prejudice housed within a shroud of complete ignorance dyed in stupidity. Why? Simply because they can not stand the very thing that makes America the great country it is and Americans the great people they are: Diversity.

    It is one thing to demand other countries to clean out their garbage, as it were; and quite another to demand it while we let our own garbage sit to fester and rise up eventually like a boil upon the butt of a self-righteous man as it surely will, if we do not lance it with the same intenseness and scalpel we are at this very moment asking the rest of the world to endure.

    There are countries that are not entirely happy with the initial scope and idea of what America and its growing coalition is asking. And while I quite well agree for the most part of the need to do it, I also understand the reaction of some of these countries. After all, just what do you think Americas reaction would be it one or all of them demanded that they be allowed the same rights, access, etc., to do in America what we are demanding they allow us and the coalition to do? Farfetched and not the same thing? How so?

    Did not the very terrorists that are now threatening and worse, begin their activities in the very countries they were birthed and this against, in many instances, the very people they supposedly call brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers in flesh and blood, as well as religious faith?

    The intelligent person uses a skin crme to rid pimples at their beginning, instead of waiting until they rise to be an infection that needs a .50 caliber shovel to dig out.

    One thing is certain: If we were to apply this, it would surely take all the wind out of various factions and countries tolling the bell for Holy Jihad because of their misinterpretation (purposeful or unknowingly) of terrorist eradication along with punishing harboring governments/countries as being simply a faade to wage aggression against the Muslim Religion.

    So, if any of these words find an agreeing heart, then begin to break out the old style pens and the new style cyber ones. Write the various politicos, and certainly the Presidents Office itself. For as it stands, we now have all the ingredients necessary for all hell to break out upon the face of the earth. AND NONE, will be left untouched.





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