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October 2001

    It was but a couple weeks ago, perhaps a week or so after the tragic affair at the World Trade Center and The Pentagon; President Bush gave a speech and during it designated a gentleman to be the Director of a new Cabinet Post/Department. This department was to be called The Department of Home Land Security, and answerable to but one man: President Bush. Something, deep inside me, quivered a bit and nearly woke up.

In a bit of time after this announcement, further elucidation of this post was talked back and forth by numerous news folks. During which scenarios were discussed, as well as the parameters of this new post. Namely, it was said to be seen that this department would essentially be the overlord of all law enforcement and intelligence agencies. This is to say: every city, county, state and government law enforcement agency, all the customs officials, along with every intelligence entity would be subjected to the direct control of this one new department. When I heard that, that which quivered deep inside me before, fully woke up and said: Oh oh.

Now, on the surface of it, this seemed like a good idea, and most assuredly the people of America, being still in shock over the tragic events and wondering the hows and whys. Wondering why all the various agencies of the United States seem so competitive and secretive as well as down right belligerent of one another, the people were ready to accept this new department in one loud acclamation.

However, I caution you, Americato think again, to look at this again, and keep a very, very watchful eye on what comes to transpire with regard to this new department.

It was not so long ago, although to many it might seem it occurred on an entirely different world, that for various other reasons another new agency was created in another country. Again, via national patriotism and enthusiasm, it was basically immediately acclaimed and accepted. It was but a very short time, that millions and millions came to regret this. The new agency was known as The SS and The Gestapo, and the country was Germany, and through themthe entire nation from civilian, civilian servant, law enforcement and military - was made answerable to one man, Hitler.

Now, am I saying that President Bush is another Hitler? Of course not. However, if anyone can not see how a door to the curtailing of many taken for granted freedoms of America has opened, as well as a brand new path to the controlling of its populace, then they are not thinking. Which, in a way is very true. For this soon in the aftermath of the tragic events, most Americans are not, in fact, thinking clearly. And, if we do not begin to wake up and do soit very well might become 
too late.

For at the moment very excellent reasons, many things are being put into place: military guards at airports how soon before we see them at all arrival and departure places of transportation. How soon before we see them upon buses, trains and the like; and is it not but a very short step from there to have check point stations at each states borders?

In Judeo-Christian prophecy, in particular, the Book of Revelation, it speaks of the Mark of the Beastand in the doing, it speaks of the control over the people this mark will have. Certainly the technology for this is available and has been for more than a couple of years now. A small computer chip embedded under the skin, and it holds every iota of information concerning that individual: health, records, law infractions, bank accounts, and.ANYTHING someone might wish to add to it, or TAKE AWAY, without the wearers knowledge.

Add to this, the fact that anyone with this chip is easily found anywhere on earth within 15 feet via a satellite location system, and you have virtual control over the populace.

In early years until, in fact, less than a month ago at the time of this writing, this would not be possible. The people of America whose history is simply gold encased with absolute personal freedom, would never for a moment stand for such a thing to be considered, much less implemented.

Now, with what has happened; with the frantic mindset of the American people and their absolute haste to be protected that has, it appears, in many cases crossed the border of paranoia, it does not take the most brilliant mind in the history of mankind to see that this Door of Control is wide open. 




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