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October 2001

    Let me state right at the outset here, that I am going to be paraphrasing various prophetic words that are contained within the pages of The Book of Revelation. As I have stated elsewhere, one of my main purposes for writing these various articles is to, perhaps, to enable people to begin to think, and this for themselves. So, as an aid in that direction, in paraphrasing and not quoting chapter and verse, it will lead some of you to look into these prophecies on your own. Rest assured, however, the prophetic words referred to are indeed there.

    The first one, that comes to mind, is where ships at sea stand offshore, watching smoke rise into the air and say: woe to that great city. I do not say this is the prophetic word come to pass and that the criminal and tragic affair of September 11, 2001 makes New York City the fulfilling of this prophetic word, but I must admit, it sure is descriptive.

    Another is indicative of the beginning of Tribulation Period, which for the purpose of this writing I will use the seven year period, as opposed to breaking it down to 3 1/2 year periods termed by scholars as the Lesser and Greater Tribulation periods. This one pertains to the prophetic word that speaks of one sign being war between nations and peoples or countries and peoples. Scholars speak that this means war between not only Nations, but between races of people within and without those same Nations. Certainly events of the past years, and most assuredly what is happening to the peoples of Afghanistan right now. As well, it certainly is descriptive of the various gang wars in many of our cities across the American Continent.

    One only has to bring to mind all the communication satellites that are spinning around our heads, high above in space, to see how the prophetic word that speaks of eagles speaking woe to the earth below. This again, does not mean that this is the actual time and place of The Tribulation beginning, etc., but it without doubt, shows that such technology is in place to enable this word to come to pass.

    One can also see, that while the WTC./Pentagon attack is not necessarily the prophetic event mentioned, in the Revelation section where it describes world economy falling in shatters, it most assuredly shows how basically easy it would be to bring this about.

   There is, of course, the infamous words that probably are known by more people the world over, be they folk of Judeo-Christian ilk or not, The Mark of the Beast. In these words are described as having this mark placed on the forehead or hand. Technology is and has been in place for tiny computer chips to be embedded under the skin. Such chips are able to contain a persons entire history including finances, criminal records, health records, etc. As well, these chip are capable of having any person having one being located within 15 feet, anywhere on earth by the Global Locator System. Also, these chips could be programmed so that any information could be placed in them...or removed, without the bearer knowing it. And, with the security hysteria that is going on at this time, it should be readily seen that where people would not accept such monitoring before, the idea is surely more advanced to acceptance now. For what higher form of security can there be if the absolute position of any person can be had, at any given time, with but the stroke or two of a keypad? Yes, there will be those that will not stand for it, or not accept the chip. However, as the prophetic words goes on, these instances are also taken care of: for no one will be able to buy or sell unless they do have it!

    There are others, but these will suffice for now. Others will be commented on at another time an article.


Four Horses-Dana Tiger

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