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October 2001

    During my time in the military, 1961-1974 the Viet Nam Era, history now speaks of many protests, marches, demonstrations, all geared toward Make Love Not War. Now, many years later, I can not say that they were entirely wrong; for as has been shown in many respects we were there, in realist terms, for all the wrong reasons. Even though, we that served at that time, believed that initially at any rate, we were there for true and right reasons. Now, the only thing I have against the peaceniks of that time period is who they took their passions out on and the truly hateful things they said in doing so. This against their brothers and sisters of America who were there because they believed they were serving their Country and People in an Honorable and Just way, for they had no way of knowing otherwise until near the end as finally the Truth began to filter in by the newer troops who had been actual witness to the reality of things in and of, America. This, lack of knowledge on our part was due to a very important thing that the marchers of that time never seemed to realize and I am not sure they do to this day: the common military man that served oversea, most especially in the Southeast and Far East Areas simply had no knowledge nor way to obtain it. There was no television except for the Armed Forces Network and the paper Stars and Stripes. You can well believe that both of those entities gave out absolutely nothing that was not arranged, created, edited, censored or blessed by The Powers That Be. But, that was a long time ago.

    Now, today, in the aftermath of the WTC/Pentagon Event of September 11th, and the now on-going war against Terrorism, I see the Peaceniks of the 21st Century on the march. The problem with this is that these folks seem to have no more sense, ; perhaps less, than a pound box of rocks.

    It is well and good, to wish for Peace on Earth, Goodwill for Men. Heck, every and any military man I ever met wished for that very thing as well. A warrior is not a person who wishes or loves to fight and kill. A warrior is one who does so, because he/she knows that if they do not, what they love will soon no longer exist

    This time around, the marchers  fail to realize a few things and certainly have some grave misconceptions about the current world situation. To begin with, it is beyond my comprehension how they can possibly believe that if we of the world, and American in particular, simply sit back, take no action, hold hands and sing love songs that terrorists will up and say: Sorry, we wont do that again; and the countries that harbor or birth such deranged groups will up and vomit them out while admitting that somehow they did not realize what they were doing.

  They fail to realize that what is wanted by these despicable people are the death of ANYONE, that fails to believe in what they believe right down to the very last iota...period. They fail to realize that fanaticism is impossible to deal with on any level of diplomatic live and let live scenario. Fanatics, of any ilk, religious or otherwise, do not wish equality: they want prime dominance and will settle for nothing less, even if they have to kill every living thing on the planet to ensure that their way is followed. At least, in their mind, if global genocide occurs, then there will be no one left walk any way, and somehow, God will be Pleased.

    If the current crop of 21st Century Peaceniks truly have the convictions of the heart, I would love to see them buy a collective ticket and go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran and the like and march there...see how much love comes surging their direction. Well, something would come surging toward them all right, but I assure the reader, it would not be love reciprocated.





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