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October 26, 2001

    If I ever had any doubts about the various news medias assertion that they do what they do, ..for the benefit of the people, or the people have a right to know, was but a faade shield to hide the fact that it is not their minds, but their own inquiring noses, that want to know, this current feeding frenzy has put them to rest.

    The only question that really is left to ponder is whether there are any within that Estate who have an iota of true sense of responsibility left within them. I would not insult even their intelligence by asking if they had any idea at all, as to what their over-dramatizing, their never-ending quest to get those interviewed to say what the media wants them to say, their seeming inability to ask a question get the answer and move on to the next question, their penchant for seeing just how many different ways they can ask the same damn question at the same interview and/or news conference. Well, then again, perhaps I should. I marvel at the confusion they seem to have with understanding an answer in the negative. Must be all those letters in between the N and the O, that does it.

    I have spoken on, and I probably can safely assume that many of you have also thought about the hysteria that lingers on the border of Americas collective mind While what has been said is true, it is also very, very true that much of this hysteria was brought about and is kept alive and well, by the media and their incessant need to grab Americas head and shove it under the water of sensationalism and with a iron grip, hold it there.

    These people seem to live by a credo of: If we can not find a dramatic topic, then we will invent one; and if we can not invent one, will twist around what we have; and when that gets too oldwe shall hint at whatever comes to mind, as long as it keeps Paranoia alive and well in America. After all, why should we care; this is our Holy Grail, and we are the Knights of the Square Pages and Streaming Videos what has Truth and Safety of the Country to offer to compare with that





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