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November 6, 2001 

    The KKK, sad to say, has been with us in America since the 1800s. Then again, its existence is proof that we in America stand and live by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. For were it not for those two hallowed writings, this group of people would have been relegated to the round file of prejudice, ignorance and sheer stupidity long ago.

    I am sure there are many people out there who have spoken out against these people, in a sane and less than bellowing, battling, bellicose and cursing argumentative manner. However, I still wish to add my own views for these people with their upsurge in attributing their actions and very existence to being Christian, The Bible, and dedicated while following Jesus Christ, are really beginning to give me a huge rash on the Southern portion of my anatomy while I am facing North!

    One can see these people, on their websites and/or on various television shows. I want the reader to see that regardless of the fact that while the words they place on their websites are warped to begin with, even in the warping they differ far from their actions as shown on said shows.

    For the purposes of this writing, I only went to two KKK type sites. Only two because I found I could not stand being in such rubbish any longer than that. The two sites are of The American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan; and, the Alabama White Knights. The first portion of this writing will deal with the American Knights, the second with the Alabama White Knights. If any wish to go view these sites themselves, the web address to the American Knights is You can find the link to the Alabama chapter on this site as well.

Below are excerpts directly quoted yet separated by my comments.

Our Creed

    We, the Ku Klux Klan, reverently acknowledge the majesty and supremacy of Jesus Christ, and recognize his goodness and divine providence. Furthermore, we recognize our relationship to him as his sons and daughters of the living God.

    If this were true, if they were truly believing this, they would not espouse nor enact the things they say and do, while trying to window dress this despicable manner in the Grace and Glory of Christ

    We recognize America as the re-gathering place of his people and before him we humbly bow and give thanks. We stand upright, and lift our faces to God our father, recognizing that this nation was founded a White nation upon his purpose recorded in Holy Writ, and to these principles we submit ourselves.

    I have read and studied the Bible, somewhere around 17/18 times, and in at least four different versions, as well as the Tanach, Halleys Handbook of The Bible, and many other various books and studies of Scripture in my own personal pursuit of seeking Light and Truth. I guess that I should go back and read them all again, cause I sure missed where its says that America is the re-gathering place of his people.

    I also seem to have missed in the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Bible and Dr. Seuss where it states that this nation was founded a White nation upon his purpose recorded in Holy Writ I am quite sure that there are quite a few Native Americans that would dearly love to uhhhh, discuss this premise, in great detail with you.

Our Character

    This is an institution of Chivalry, Humanity, Mercy, and Patriotism. Embodied in it are the genius and principles that are chivalrous in conduct, noble in sentiment, generous in manhood, and patriotic in purpose.

    Never have I heard four words so misused. I suggest you dwell upon the connotations of these four words because if there ever was an Oxymoron, your use of these as being applicable to your organization is the epitome. Ooops, perhaps I spoke too soon, see below for a couple more!

    The Ku Klux Klan is working to rebuild our collapsing society on the basis of faith, honor, duty, courage, and brotherhood.

    See above remarks, they apply here as well.

   We are a dynamic, crusading movement of world wide historical perspective, seeking the establishment of a White Christian Order upon the earth.

    Dynamic? On speed, perhaps. Rabid, foaming at the mouth, fanatics, perhapsbut dynamic?

Our Dilemma

    America is a racially cohesive nation, its success built upon racial oneness.

    Where do you manage to come up with this type of reasoning? America is America and has lasted as it has because of its hard won value of accepting diversities of people, despite the long fight to do so, and despite those such as yourselves who fail to realize that without diversity there must result stagnation. I hope none of you need a blood transfusion, for it was a black man that discovered and invented this process; and I am sure, that now knowing this, you would never want your life saved by a non-white. By the way, just what is a White? There are some French whose skin coloration and other characteristics would not be described as white, do you exclude the French from your little circle of apparent inbreeding? There are some Irish known as being Black Irish, are they too excluded? You sound like one of your idols and heroes: Adolph Hitler, who espoused white supremacy and was part Jewish himself.

    It is White and European in its laws, institutions, values, and religion.

    To be somewhat fair, I will allow the European.. bit stand as is, for now. However, where does white enter into this? The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Bible stand directly in contradiction en toto with this statement of yours.

    America was built upon people who share a common bond of blood, mind, heart, and ancestry.

     America was built by a people, who essentially took it away from its original and indigenous people (who were doing quite well on their own, thank you). It is to these indigenous people that you and the earliest settlers owe a huge debt of gratitude. Not thanks, history already shows how you thank non-whites. Again, I do not understand where you arrive at your conclusions. I submit that you go the library in The Romper Room, perhaps there you will find books and such that will be sufficient to your level of intelligence which will allow you learn something without having to rewrite it in order to accept and/or understand it.

    In these later days, America has been cleverly deceived by the lies of the race-mixers and mongrelizes into believing an insane notion - that two peoples can occupy the same place at the time in harmony.

    Actually, they canif both agree to the same idea and the way to insure it. They can not only when one of the parties insists on being and will settle for nothing less than being: Supreme.

     Throughout history, when the attempt is made to force a condition of sharing space, racial conflict erupts, and continues until one group dominates the other, or until the two groups merge into one, thus destroying the unique differences that God previously created for each group.

    This is quite correct. Why? Because of folks like you can not stand being seen as equal with anyone. You speak of racial conflicts, yet you fail to see that 'tis you that light your own conflagrations of destruction.

Our Dedication

    Therefore, the great calling of our movement is to secure the preservation, protection and advancement of the White Race and to enrich our people spiritually, morally, and materially.

    Interesting that you speak thusly, when your ilk have never put into evidence exactly what a White Race is. As well, I find it sadly amusing that you speak of enriching your people spiritually, when you use for your anthem the song Amazing Grace which was written by a white man, who once had been a Slave Ship Captain/Owner. This white man came to God, as it were, and in recanting his old ways, as well as celebrating his new born self and the True Majesty of God, wrote those words you desecrate by using them as you do.

    We must begin to restore order in the places where we live and work. The Ku Klux Klan is preparing for the coming disorder that will test the very survival of the White Race and White Christian ideals.

    Again, you errwhat is nigh unto coming, will test every living being upon the face of this earth and race has nothing to do with it, even though race will be used as an excuse for people like you to destroy while marching under a banner faade to one day join in company those that preceded you. Say hello to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Attila, Genghis and Kublai, et al, for me when you get there.

    We are the new Elite - of promised ancient blood; the men and women of Race and Honor

    Illusions of grandeur has never brought anyone a thing of tangibility, but serves only to let those glory within the confines of their own minds while their bodies rot in reality.

    National Headquarters  7238 SR8 Butler, IN 46721

Things the liberal media told you that just are not true!

1) The Klan hates black people.

That is a lie and the liberal media knows it! We believe everyone has a right to be proud of their race, which means white people have a right to be proud also. Therefore we believe that anti-white policies should be discarded and that people should be hired, promoted, and given scholarships according to their ability and not because we feel sorry for them or because they have the "politically correct" color of skin.

Hmmmm, a lie? If one does not hate then one must respect. Is it respect and not hate being shown when you liberally use such terms that begin with N or C so profusely at your gatherings?

2) The Klan is against Catholics.

That is another lie of the liberal media. We believe that all Christians, regardless of their religious preference need to work in harmony for the future of our children and Western Christian Civilization.

Hmmmmm, guess Blacks and other non-whites do not have a right to be; or are unable to become: christian? No? Then why do you not practice what you preach, and work together with your fellow christians?

3) If you join the Klan you will have to break the law and commit crimes against black people.

The liberal media says this even though it is not true because they want you to be afraid of joining the Klan and going to jail. They know that if white people ever join together we will be able to stop the destruction of our race and nation. This lie is told to keep the good, decent and honorable Christian people from ever joining our movement. Klan members take a pledge not to commit crimes.

I understand that the hanged, whipped, tortured, mutilated blacks will go on record attesting to the truth of your statements here. I am sure the more recent example of your KKK largesse and live and let live compassion the poor human being dragged to his horrible death behind a pickup truck - is just clamoring for the right to speak up in your behalf.

4) Once you join the Klan, you can't quit.

That is another myth. People can quit the Klan anytime they wish. We have people who do this sometimes. To imply that we are going to harass people who quit the Klan is stupid. We have better things to do!

This is so obvious and stupid, that I am not even going to address it.

5) The Klan is a cult.

The Klan is a gathering of White Christian men and women who are joined together because of the common bond they share by blood and by faith. But each person is an individual and we do not attempt to do your thinking for you. Your life is your own.  

Then why do you have all the creeds, oaths, rituals that must be subscribed to and lived by. The fact is, one can not join (among other useless reasons) unless one does agree, by their very acceptance of such nonsense, to let the KKK leaders do their thinking for them.

Negroes and the Bible

    Beast-Chayah-Negro The word beast appears throughout the holy scriptures and often appears as simple "Beast" or "Beast of the field" or "Beast of the earth" . Three different Hebrew words are translated into the English word BEAST in the Bible. The Hebrew word CHAYAH means living creature, the word BEHEMA means meaning quadrupeds (like cattle), and BEIR meaning BRUTE BEAST. The Greek word ZOON translated BEAST means LIVING CREATURE. In tracing this word down through the scriptures, it is important to note that the Bible speaks of both quadruped (four footed) beast and biped (two legged) beasts. If you have failed to distinguish between the beasts (quadruped) and beasts (biped) in the Holy Bible, you have missed a great deal of truth. We are concerned with the Hebrew word CHAYAH, which means LIVING CREATURE, and which we feel refers to the following biped (two legged) beasts. As you study the following scriptures and provide an answer to each question, perhaps the full implications of the Bible biped beast will become more clear to you. It is interesting to note that in all these scriptures we find reference to a BEAST that is apparently biped (two footed) and who can talk, riot, commit adultery, co-habit with man, work in the vineyards, use his hands, wear clothing, cry unto his creator and sow his seed with other races. Those who have clearly traced this Hebrew word CHAYAH through the scriptures under the English word beast, know it is speaking of the NEGRO ! If this truth were known and taught from the pulpits of our American churches, it would stop the mad race toward racial suicide and mongrelization of the races dead in its tracks. Was Joel speaking of a "beast" or field hand in Joel 2:22 ? What kind of a beast do you know of that wears clothing (sack cloth) as we read in Jonah 3:8 ? What kind of a beast has hands as reported in Exodus 19:13 ? What type of beast is capable of mixing or "sowing" his seed with the "seed of Adam" as described in Jeremiah 31:27 ? What kind of a male beast could a woman lust after and "lie down thereto" and cause God to have them executed in righteous judgment? Leviticus 20:16 What kind of a female beast could a man lust after and cause a penalty of death to be decreed by God? Leviticus 20:15 What kind of beast would have the ability to "keep the vineyard" as we find in the Song of Solomon, chapter 1 , who incidentally was black? What kind of a beast "cries mightily unto God" in Jonah 3:8-10 ? What kind of a beast would have "eyes full of adultery" as recorded in 2nd Peter 2:12-14 ? What kind of a beast loves to "riot in the daytime"? 2nd Peter 2:12-14 What kind of a beast can "talk" or "speak" ? 2nd Peter 2:12 What kind of a beast was made to" be taken and destroyed? 2nd Peter 2:12

    I put this in, without separating it, for to do that and address each error, misconception and out of context verse, etc., would take days of writing. Let it simply be said that I have never heard nor seen such a bastardization of Scripture for foul purposes in my life.

    Well, this has been just a wee look into the collective mind of the KKK. I will finish by saying this: If these folks are human beings, I begin to think I no longer wish to be one; if they are christians then they follow a Christ I never heard of. As far as I can see, they have as much validity and are just a big a threat to America and its people as the terrorists that have subverted The Koran to their own ends.





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