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October 30, 2001

    So now, President Bush is advocating that military veterans visit schools and relate their experiences to the students there. A while back, this might have been a good idea. However, coming at this time, a knock at the back of my mind opens this door: Why? Surely it can not be to drum up flagging patriotism I would say that America is doing pretty good in this at present. So, is it to begin to educate the young into the dreadful things of war and what war brings about in its reality, not the parades, medals, glory and prideful wearing of uniforms in ones hometown? If so, why? Why, all of a sudden, this undeniable message of warning that war will be in America with all its ferocity. And apparently this message is so real, that it is now necessary to have military vets visiting the arts and experiences of war into our childrens minds before they even get out of high schoolwhile at the same time decrying the violence in movies and on television?

    I have always felt that there were hidden ones in the world, since before recorded history. I call them spiders, who do not wish to be known; do not wish to become king, queen, president, premier, or Khan. Who are they, in reality? They could be those that are described as princes and principalities in Judeo-Christian Scriptures, I do not know. They have been known by many names and have had many guises throughout the ages. I just know they are out there. And while, money certainly comes to those in such positions, they do not particularly care about how great a fortune they can amass, the money is but a means to their end, and that end is: Power.

    They sit in solitude within the confines of their varied secret lairs and between them orchestrate the movement of humanity as it passes through the days of ages. All toward their own end. They are what has been described as The Power Behind The Throne, and I believe every so-called world leader has been and is touched to one degree or another, as needed, by these dwellers in the dark. Far too many, on the scope of things, little events have happened that resulted in global impact of tremendous proportions.

    For instance, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated, and the result is carnage that up to that time (and even to this day is hard to believe), the world had never imaged much less seen: World War I.

    Yes, it was a bad thing, this assassination. Yes, the act should have been punished, as it were. But, get off the comfy chair for a moment and look up the casualty figures for that war; look at all the nations that became involved; look at the financial cost; look at the civilian losses; look at the sudden leap in death dealing innovations from the minds of men; look at how terrible man learned he could be toward his fellow creatureand tell me: was the criminal death of one man, royalty or not, sufficient cause to kill off the youth of the world?

    Take a moment and imagine how many great minds were lost or never to be born; how much progress toward any given goal of light one can envision, we not only lost ground on, but very probably never even came into being. Because of the death of one man? I think not. It was just a carefully orchestrated excuse by the spiders hidden in the safety of the dark. For the greater the chaos of the world, the greater security they have of their secrecy and the greater control they continue to wield, for it is far easier to manipulate the unknowing and ignorant. Like the bugs of the night, they can not withstand the scrutiny of light, and the coherent awareness that a mind can attain when Peace allows the mind to dwell in the Stars of Imagination instead of survival in the Gutters of Despair.

    So, I ask you, what are the leaders of the world up to? No, I do not say that they are the spiders, but they are certainly influenced and in many cases directly controlled by them. Why else would various leaders of this day vault into various saddles of worldly outrage and righteous indignation to go hell bent for leather waving the banner of Good vs. Evil, and then for no apparent reason halt with the suddenness of a Lionel train with the power shut off. Suddenly, instead of the air being filled with rightful lightning, we have a leak in the boiler room of pomposity, and friendsthat smell in the air?, it is not swamp gas!

    How else can one explain some of the things that have been going on over years and years with no solution. The Protestant vs. Catholic war ridiculous. So you do not agree with the religion of another, who asked to you to? Dont believe in crucifixes? Fine, dont wear one. You dont have to kill the person that does or does not. You believe that people should pray to Saints? Fine, then pray to them, one day we shall all find out who is/was right and who is/was wrong. You do not have to kill someone because they do not. Dont believe in a Papal hierarchy... fine, dont become a Roman Catholic. You believe that folks who are not Catholic are virtual pagans in modern clothes? Fine, believe away, you have that right. But you do not have the right to kill men, women and children with cowards bombs and night hidden actions just because someone else does not, nor in most cases, could care less!

    Yes, I agree, terrorism should be as wiped out and completely as possible. But then again, it never should have been allowed to grow to the point it has. This idea of bombing an entire country while mealy mouthing humanitarian motives, bothers me.

    For sure, I deplore, as an example, what the Taliban has done to their countrys citizens, especially its women, and the bastardization it has done to the teachings of The Koran. However, do you not think that the resolving of this should be done by the other Nations of Islam, as it were? And, why havent these self-proclaimed righteous followers of Islam, done just that?

    Oh, we would lose all our gas, etc., if we insisted that Saudi Arabia, amid others, clean their own religious house, our politicos cry. Horse Pucky! Several years back, Time Magazine, U.S. World Reportone of them, had a large article on the oil supplies/resources in the world. It said, among other things, that the United States had more than enough oil and oil reserves to run the country quite fine and for a very long time, thank you very much.

    So? Why do we not use our oil for our people, and let other nations buy from the Oil Barons of the Middle East instead of us? I can not understand why we sell so much oil to other countries and then claim we are held prisoner by the high dealing prices of the Middle East. And then, charge ungodly prices to our own citizens. Well, I doit is called Greed.

    What is wrong with this scenario, that somehow it is just fine to enable a relative few to get rich beyond imagination, who sit idly by tsk-tsking over the raping by misinterpretation of their own Koran; while the average American citizen has to pay prices they can not afford and send their sons and daughters off to save and protect people who think we are and call us The Great Satan? And you just know, I mean YOU KNOW, that even if we somehow were to clean the whole mess up, solve every problem, feed the masses and whatever else pops into your mind here, that at the end of it all: somehow, that country and all the other Middle East would begin to shout that it was all our fault to begin with.

    So, fine. President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, you among others wish to save the world? Then do so, for the valid reasons are there for attempting it. Or shut the hell up and let them solve their own problems. Just dont keep blowing smoke in my ear and tell me its air conditioning.



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