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Snow Owl Timeless<Smile!>


      Got this idea one time, then forgot it. Try to write a thing using as best one canjust the titles of songs. Well, yepa feather got caught up the Owls Nose ( beakgrin), and this is what was sneezed out. For the recordit is about 95 percent spoken in the order that the songs were heard at the time I was listening and decided or was cattle prodded into writing it. Noits not good, and I was not trying for good that is far beyond me. For me, it was fun and utterly futile: what better reason to do a thing?

       Please note unless you are about the same age as me (too close to 62), or a real fan of true Oldiesthen, more than likely the following will truly bite swamp gas on the night of a Full Moon. Come to think of it, regardlessit will..<Grin>.

       I had fun, hope you do as well. And if I mess up a typo or a word to a title here and thereuse the Mind Over Matter EquationIf you dont mind it dont matter.

       After all, much of it I tried to do in the order and as I heard themhey!  That aint easy for a High School graduate!!! - Snow

        A last thing if you see me repeat a title, oh well you try this sometime! L

How do I sing this song
With Tears On My Pillow
Or do The Twist
With Mack the Knife?

People say Memories Are Made of This
Or are we The Great Pretender
With Lipstick On Your Collar
Not realizing that Moody River always runs deep.

I once was a Johnny Be Good
Looking for Love Potion # Nine
But through 40 Miles of Bad Road
All I got was Poison Ivy.

Sweet Little Sixteen, we were
Did we have to become a Rock N Roll Waltz,
Leaving behind the Teen Angel
And the Tall Paul?

I once Heard It Through The Grape Vine
I Can Cry If I Want To
But you can take the T-Bird Away
I will yet have the Little Nash Rambler.

Love Me Tender
Or leave me with a Pink Carnation and a White Sports Coat
I will not Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
The Wayward Wind calls.

Chantilly Lace is fine
But 'tis Bye Bye Love
If I need to, I will Wake Up Little Suzie
'Cause I live in A Town Without Pity.

Oh Boy When youre with me Buddy sings
So sad, What A Wonderful World It Could Be
But while there were Two Girls For Every Boy in Surf City
I drowned in The Sea of Love.

Perhaps Im Just Running Scared
Though it could be The Summertime Blues
But all the ladies just Turn Me Loose
Seems I am always Crying In The Chapel.

Gee WhizGet A Job? I would rather be
A Rubber Ball Young Blood
Just standing there
WaitingDoing a Sleep Walk.

Oh, Im The Type of Guy The Wanderer
This true but still I seek Suzie Q.
It matters not, Where or When
We all are, at one time the Runaway.

Further On Up The Road, who can say?
One will see Moon Over Kentucky,
Will ever go with a Bird Dog
Forever, Wanting You.

Who is there? Pledging My Love
I speak and nothing left
But surviving In Dreams
Still I Want To Walk You Home.

Slow Down people speak
But all I see is The Great Pretender
And I wonder, who is the little Rubber Ball?
Deadmans Curve, if you seek the Truth.

Theres a Moon Out Tonight
Can you see a River of No Return?
This Magic Moment
Is the Book of Love
And you can Rave On
But The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Even as Im Walking To New Orleans
What A Wonderful World It Could Be
If men were not destined to say There Goes My Baby?
Or fated to Tear Drops On My Pillow?

We live in a Sea of Love
Only to end up remembering Puppy Love
Rama Lama Ding Dong
No matter the generation we remain in Heartbreak Hotel.

Folsom Prison Blues, we all live there
In a place even Angel Baby can not touch
We do it because of the Little Blue Man
And fear of Wolverton Mountain.

Can you speak to me of Mountains High and Valleys Low?
Sure you can, everyone one has Smoke (that) Gets In Your Eyes.
Sad Movies Make Me Cry
And that is what we live, even if Its Not For Me To Say.

We better learn we travel on a Mystery Train
And find a Detour
Else we find a never ending 40 Miles of Bad Road
And The Twist will be the least we suffer.


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