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October 26, 2001

    It is said that “Curiosity killed the cat.” Well, that may or may not be true. Me, I prefer to finish the statement by saying: But Satisfaction brought him back.”

    There are many things going on in the world today, with the rapidity of a Gatlin Gun. In the midst of these many things curious questions keeping intruding on my mind. Here are a few of them.

    Truly, Anthrax is a bad disease even though there are many even worse, far worse. And truly, it is tragic that there have been deaths attributed to this disease as well as whomever it is that is warped enough to expose innocent people to it, regardless of their beliefs and/or form of government and/or faith.

    What is curious to me in this, is even though at the time of this writing there are around 14 cases of positive Anthrax and 3-4 deaths attributed to it, why – in a nation of 280,000,000 people are approximately 279,988,000 of them running around screaming: The Sky is Falling! As if, for sure, they are going to be next?

    Another curiosity, Congress just passed a Bill and it is certain that the President  will sign it the moment it hits his desk, allowing among other things: for any law enforcement agency to wire tap, or tap anyone’s email, that is considered a  suspected terrorist. Now, just what is the criteria to connote a “suspected terrorist”? Agencies can now hold without bail and basically without giving rights and/or representation any “suspected terrorist”. Again, who determines what a “suspected terrorist” is?

    The local cop in a tiny hamlet get ticked off at an out-of-town tourist passing through…whap!, teach him a lesson: suspected terrorist, lets put him in jail for a week and let him go with a snickering apology, “Gee, thought you had a trunk full of Anthrax. Sorry about that.”?

    Does this mean that because I voice some not so politically correct thoughts, that my phone is going to be wiretap and all my email tracked? Well, they are welcome to it, Heaven knows, if tapping me is going to secure our Nation’s Safety…I am all for it! Now, I am being facetious here, to be sure. However, it should not take a graduate of MIT to see just what the ramifications of such a Bill is going to bring about; and was able to be brought about because of 280,000,000 people running around hysterically as each individual is positive that they are the next target. Better find a life, folks, cause you have just let the terrorists and the government just take over the one you “had”.

    And, do not give me the baloney the politicos are spouting about “sunsets” and the like, which supposedly bring the Bill up again for re-approval in 3-4 years. Yeah, right, like Government is going to let loose of such control and wide-sweeping dictatorial reason to do whatever the heck they like, and to whomever The Powers That Be, might get some whimsy to dislike their agendas. You can eventually forget NAACP, Unions, etc., and so on – cause the moment the Government feels it is being pestered…guess who is going to be considered a “suspected terrorist”. Only one congressman/senator had the sense to stand back and say: Whoa! One! I apologize, I can not bring the name to mind at the moment, but my hat is off to him.

    If you think this controlling Bill is going to go away in 3 or 4 years, I suggest you look into the history of how Income Tax came into being, and see how many years people could be fined, imprisoned and more…and this, BEFORE it ever became Law of the Land.

    The next thing to be curious at is: while it can be lauded to the American People and their hearts…especially, the children of the Nation, in their wanting to give and help people starving in another country, one has to stop and think a bit. Why are we sending all this money and food, whatever…to a country that now believes we are not only trying to bomb civilians but are poisoning the very food packs in order to kill the children!

    And why, most curiously, can America rise up as one, to do this, yet at the same time, totally ignore those very near as misfortunate as the Afghanistan people? Have you checked out the conditions of the coal working type people that reside in the back hills of Tennessee, Kentucky and the like? No running water; no indoor plumbing; no clothes, no shoes, darn little education; no medication to be had within a reasonable time frame and certainly no money to pay for it because by the time they pay off the Company Store each month, there is nothing left. This is not the legend of the ‘30’s people: this is now!

    And the Homeless, and the Native American peoples. Folks, you best quit shivering in your boots over magnified terrors and open your eyes.

    One last curious item, for this go around. Is it not curious that all this money swallowing activity in its entirety has happened JUST AFTER an enormous sum of money is “given back” to the people out of the Surplus? That until President Bush came out with it, there was no hint of Recession and that at the time he was the only one that said it was coming, and sure enough in a matter of days after his taking over the Office…whack: here comes Recession. Then everything else floods in. You want to see a 2 Trillion Dollar surplus go to hell in a hand basket? Well, you are seeing it happen now.

   Sorry, one last thing: I heard, last night, a government official say: This time around, it is far likely that there will be more casualties within the Nation of America than in the war area, itself. If this does not make you sit up and wonder, it damn well should! Think about the countless billions and trillions of dollars spent over the years toward the military budget, and remember this is called: The Defense Budget. Whose Defense and where is it then, if now we are to bear the figuratively speaking "brunt of casualties" in this "….fight against Evil Doers."?

    It is very curious to me, how the United States et al, can stand there and champion one faction within a country, when that faction has already said as soon as the Taliban falls, we are going to attack Pakistan.

    Now, curiosity overcomes me, we champion these folks, are “friends” with the submitted target whose is catching hell because they are “helping us”. So, tell me, when the Taliban falls, and this faction attacks Pakistan…someone wanna tell me just who the US and the others are going to side with?


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