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October 2004


Is there no one left –
Of understanding?
Oh I do not simply speak –
Of world events and supposed leaders.

I ask but for one…two –
I ask common people –

Man – Woman,
Son – Daughter –
Father – Mother –

ET’s coming to Earth?
Yes – I think it so.
If for no other reason –
To see the Cosmic Zoo.

Every country speaks –
“Universal Peace” –
Yet none, not one –
Has it within their own country.

Every Race speaks it –
Equality for all –
While being biased –
Against others.

Every “religion” speaks well –
Of all the others –
As long –
As their name comes first.

Every dance is beautiful –
As long as one gets to lead –
And this –

All ideas have merit –
As long as people with letters –
Say yes –
And those without are firmly stupid.

All ideas have merit –
As long as people with letters –
Do not see a one of them –
That goes against the collective thought.

Common Sense?
Lack of it sends our old ones –
With Life’s Wisdom stored –
To a Death Storehouse.

Common Sense?
All races see their Past –
Know Histories Lessons –
Give the intelligent answer –
Let’s repeat it all.

Common Sense?
'Tis a Universal Thing –
Ever existing to be had –
Save by those that insist on being “right”.

Is it any wonder?
That the day’s younger generation –
Is without Hope, as they say –
Endless Tape-Loop is all we have given them.

Every advancement we make –
We take it back.
Every progression we acknowledge –
We deny.

We wish –
We hope –
We pray –
And when we get it…..'tis not enough.

Wisdom is wasted –
Upon the old –
As youth is upon the young –
Common Sense, escapes the both.

You want a President?
This is good and well –
Just don’t think that –
Common Sense will bring the right one.

This is good,
And for awhile it can be had –
Just don’t hope that Common Sense will hold it.

You want the stars?
They as well –
Can be had –
Just don’t believe that NASA will give it.

Common Sense?
Put it on the Endangered Specie list –
Along with Respect –
And Honor.

Over a Billion in China –
How many with Common Sense?
Upon a Billion is India –
How many with Common Sense?

Common Sense –
Well, that actually tells me –
Save for the rare –
These words fall upon deaf ears.

Common Sense –
Tells us all –
WE need Help –
But it also tells that most will not accept it.

Common Sense –
Says that every person –
Upon the face of the world should weep for the lack –
But, only one two do or shall.

Common Sense –
Should tell all –
That a few with all the money –
Something is wrong.

Common Sense –
Should not have the man/woman –
Sitting in front of TV –
Yeah or No – but instead, doing something about it.

Common Sense –
Should speak that the money –
To combat a natural weed –
Is wrong – when all others made – kill.

Common Sense –
Killers out to kill again and do –
And wee breakers of law –
Spend lifetimes?

You all can take –
All the people’s legends –
Prophecies and words –
But Common Sense wins out.

A Day is Coming –
One way or another –
All will have to answer –
And Common Sense, will be the judge.

Snow Owl-October 13, 2004

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