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June 2002

    It never ceases to amaze me how the "Gov" and the so-called Justice System can come with such reasonable explanations that are supposed to make yet another Native American walk away with a satisfied look in his or her face, knowing that after all.the negative reply or decision they received is Really Best For Their Country. Those of you who know what I speak of may now insert whatever favorite expletive type statement you wish here.

In reading the words of the Judge, with regard to the article, I find yet another brick to add to the foundation of - If you want interpretation of Law, then go ahead and visit the judicial system; however, if one wishes "justice"forget it! In point of fact, this story lends even more substance as to the real reason why Lady Justice is blindfolded. 

I am placing this article here for a couple of reasons: First, I think this is yet another discrimination against the Original Inhabitants of this Land we call America and one that needs to be addressed and soon. I speak of Native Americans not being able to have use of, etc., Eagle feathers - whether they happened to be on the Federally Recognized List or not; for I tell you true if they are not on the List then apparently they are not Native Americanhowever, just let one of the Unrecognized try to share of something mistakenly thought of as being "white domain" and see just how unIndian that Unrecognized one is!

Next, I place this article here, in the hope that possibly some Brother or Sister might be able to help this man.somehowin his Quest. I do not in anyway suggest "how" someone might help him, I only ask if it be possible. J

I do not have his address, however, it is possible that if "we" were to send emails to the Naples News site, inquiring for this gentleperson's mailing address.or, perhaps giving them our mailing addresses, they would in turn give them to the gentleperson?

    The article below is attributed to the Associated Press and courtesy of Naples Daily News at

Federal Judge Denies Creek Indian's Request for Eagle Feathers 

Thursday, September 2, 1999

Associated Press 

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - The federal judge acknowledged Harvey Gibson's use of turkey instead of eagle feathers for his Creek Indian ceremonies was "akin to using colored water for sacramental wine." 

Still, U.S. District Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley denied Gibson's request to own eagle feathers for religious ceremonies, saying it would violate a law designed in part to nurture American Indian customs and ceremonies. 

Gibson, known as "Fire Bird," filed a lawsuit four years ago against the federal government seeking to obtain five eagle feathers for daily prayers, death ceremonies and other spiritual rites. 

Bald and golden eagles are protected by law, and possession of one alive or dead is a crime. Eagle feathers and talons are also considered sacred to many Native American tribes. The government allows tribes to obtain ceremonial feathers from federal agencies. 

But Gibson can't get any feathers because his branch of the Creeks - those that stayed east while the rest of the tribe was driven west by white settlers in the 1830s - is not among the 550 tribes formally recognized by the government. 

Making the distinction is necessary to protect the stock of eagle parts for all tribes and to maintain the government's Indian treaties, Hurley said. 

"Allowing members of non-federally recognized Indian tribes to apply for eagle parts would create difficult issues of proof that would significantly inhibit the implementation of the regulation," Hurley wrote in his ruling Friday. 

However, the judge did not question Gibson's sincerity, saying he is "truly deserving" of the feathers. 

Gibson has appealed. 

"We're the only people in the world that have to walk around with an ID card saying we are Indian," Gibson said Tuesday. "They can write all the laws in the world but they can't change my blood." 

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