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November 3, 2001

    I know and realize, to say nothing of having love coupled with respect and honor, for the many local homegrown charities. As well, I fully acknowledge the deep hearts of most American people.

    Now, having said thatlets get down to business.

    When I was a lad, I still remember my mother reading a letter from my older half-brother, who was with the Army in South Korea during the then mis-appellated Korean Conflict.

    Within this letter, her son wrote of how the Red Cross was at the Prisoner Exchange site with coffee and doughnuts for our returning POWs. Of course, it cost 15 cents for a doughnut and 10 cents for a cup of coffee!

    I also recall, personally, when I was in South Korean 20 odd years later, that the Red Cross contacted me to inform me my father was dying. He recovered, however, after I got home on Emergency Leave, I found out that the Red Cross charged my mother for the telegram!

    Now, I understand, a high ranking lady quit the Red Cross. I also am given to understand that she was raking in $400,000 a year. Does this help any of you out there understand just where most of your heartfelt donations actually go?

    Not so very many years ago, there was a great famine in the Ethiopian area. Millions and millions of dollars worth of food and other items were airlifted to that area. It has since been told that virtually NONE OF IT, reached the actual people in need of it. Does this further aid any of you in understanding just how much your deep and warm hearts are appreciated?

    Now, today: I can not begin to give you any idea just how many millions of dollars have been raised for the victims and the victims families et al. One could probably safely estimate it is getting close to a billion dollars, certainly more than half a billion, what with all the benefits being staged all over the place.

    Yet, the money is not being given to the people to whom it was emphatically directed. Instead, it sits in various bank accounts of various charities to be decided on, who and how it is to be given outyakkety-yak, dont talk back.

    Yes, I have heard of a couple being given enough to pay the months rent and utility bills. Big Deal.

    Meanwhile, every day that the accrued money remains in the respective bank accounts, the interest grow larger.AND YOU KNOW, that this interest is not going to end up in the victims pockets! For that matter, I am not so very sure if any of the money is going to end up there, at least in this Century!

    PSST! Mr. Tom Ridge, you want to do some real HOMELAND stuff? Get these people to do something besides visit the water cooler and the bathroom. There is absolutely no valid reason for the victims to be deprived of what is decreed by the donating American People. None!

    Congressmen and Senators, you have so many damn committees, surely you have one for this type of thing. If you do not, shame on youget one! If you do, then quit wasting gas by idling all over the place and kick its butt into gear! You may have forgotten, but we have not: we voted you in, we can vote you out! I am not so sure we need as many of you that there are to begin with, as it is. After all, ten people can do just as much nothing as 500.

    To the various factions that for whatever reasons from greed to stupidity who are safekeeping (yeah, right), the monies donated to the aforementioned: You want to go before the American school children of this great Nation and tell them WHY their dollars are still in your hands? SHAME ON YOU!


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