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October 2001

    I do not sit here and say that what I am about to write is a certainty. However, if you will give the following time to percolate in your mind, I think you will have to agree on a definite possibility here.

    Ten plus years ago, I began to see a plethora of middle eastern peoples begin to buy, lease, work at, whateveran amazing amount of gas stations and/or convenience stores with gas pumps. As well, the majority of these people could  not speak English, or at the least, very badly. This in itself is not a condemnation. However, it raises the question, where did the money come from? It takes quite a bit of money for new arrivals to just up get these types of leases, businesses, locations, etc., as well as to hire the interpreters to handle the business end of buying, licenses, etc. Now, true, in some cases it can be given that the people rightfully had the money. However, all of them? In light of recent events, does this  not make you begin to think?

    Now, it is said by many sources, including the Central Intelligence Agency that whether America attacks or not: There is 100 percent surety that America itself, will  be targeted for another, and perhaps more, terrorist attacks.

    I hear all The Powers That Be name planes, trains and buses, ships, but they really do not know. To me, after the initial attack, the Osama crew have made their instant life-taking statement, as it were. So, while life is what they still wish to take, 'tis the shock effect that they really seek, and the somewhat intangible damage thereby affected.

    So, I ask you...if America was paralyzed and the economy dropped like a yo-yo with its string cut on September 11th, just imagine what would happen if 100-500 gas stations blew up across the Nation on the same day, or within a short time frame of one another?

    Am I saying this will happen? No. But I am saying that one heck of a lot of things are in place, ready for it to happen. And, if it did, it would surely stiffen many Americans into shock, to say nothing of devastating the Nations economy. As well, how much safer and easier for them to do this, than the air attack? To easy for my liking...much too easy.


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