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The following figures are from the U. S. Census Bureau and are current of the year 2000.

Population Figures: U.S. Population- 281,421,906
White:                                                          196,929,000    71.0%

Black:                                                            33,619,000    12.2%

Hispanic:                                                      32,832,000     11.9%

Asian:                                                             10,694,000      3.8%

Native American/Inuit/Aleut:                       2,059,000       .7%

    Does anyone see a major disparity here?  Does anyone wonder why? Is there anyone with true concern looking into this? Other than the Native American I mean. Does anyone wonder why it is that the only True Indigenous People to the United States has the least amount of representation?

    Now, I am going to say some things, but I do not wish for any to take them wrong. I am simply speaking history and facts while asking questions: NOT handing out condemnations of any other race, nor their right to be in the United States.

    This writing is to focus in on the Native American and the wonder of why, the so-called Bleeding Hearts of the rest of America have not stood up long afore now for the Native American as they have for ALL the rest above; and why the rest above have not, while arguing Equal Opportunity, etc., for all people, spoken out for 
other races instead of just their own opportunities and seem to have left the Native American behind: and who cares?

    I want to know why:

    In this day and age, when Native American Art, clothes fashion styles, jewelry, music is so in vogue, that the same people are not standing up and demanding something permanent and positive be done sooner than immediately for the plight  of the Native American peoples in ALL categories

    In this day and age, there is such an influx of people trying diligently someway or another to have a Native American somewhere in the past...even if it is the offspring of a mixed marriage by Christopher Columbus cabin boy. Who, by the way, could not find his fanny with either hand, and surely did not discover America. To say nothing of the fact that Norsemen reached the continent long before ol Chris, there is a slight problem that it is very difficult in my mind to discover a land where people are already living and THEN to call it your own, expecting those people to say: Oh, sorry, did not know you were coming, well pack up right away. And lastly, Chris you only ran into an island, how you missed the continent is beyond me. At any rate, I want to know why these same people are not as diligently seeking to help the Native American?

    In this day and age, where it seems that every cyber Tom, Dick and Betty wants an Native American name given to them, and go to Native American chat rooms to play Indian: why are they not standing up for the Native American?

    After World War II, American restored two would be world conquerors to the point that now, both have come from near total devastation to be among the most powerful and richest nations in the world. Where are the people that screamed for this and made  it happen, yes">where are these voices for the Native American?

    I see television advertisements for various government and social programs, as well as private foundations for the furtherance of education and social economic conditions of the Black and Hispanic American. Tell me, where are they for the Native American? Oh they are out there, few though they maybe... however, do not blink or you will miss them for another ten years.

    Yes, on paper it is shown that the Government has allocated and provided multi-millions for this and that with regard to the Native American. Yet, they keep the control of the usage of these monies to themselves, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs in particular. So? With that kind of money, The Rez should be the ONLY  place to live, eh? Hardly. It is factually proven that the Native American is among the worst poverty stricken people in the United States, and THIS is shameful! I have been on several reservations, and I can tell you I have not seen over 1,000,000 dollars worth of school buildings; programs and the like. So, where does the money go? Any guesses? And, where are the non-Native American voices risen in question here?

    I want to know why thousands of Americans can march in protest against a war on terrorism but sit back in utter silence when far worse is and has been done to the Native American.

    Throughout its entire history and before, the Government has taken, and taken, and taken; broken every treaty in one way or another they made with the Native American, including those they made up and the Native American never saw, much less signed. Rodney King gets the stuffing beat out of him and Los Angeles erupts in violent and destructive riots. What happened to Rodney King was entirely wrong, this is true. But what I want to know is, where are the voices of protest over the massacre and beating the Native American has taken for over 200 years?

    What is wrong with a country that has so very many non-Native American seeking out Native American ways of life, and spiritual seeking, while at the same time by their very silence espouse making sure the Native American does not leave the Rez?

    I do not have to, nor will I, put down direct written quotes of various deeds and things, that are a matter of record. All one has to do is research it. If I can find it online, the reader can as well. Do at least that much. And somewhere non-Native American, in the midst of all the seeking to find alternate life-styles, find the gumption to stand up for an American People that is nearly as bad off as the common Afghani person, that so many in the world are shedding tears over their economic plight; and somehow can not do enough for. In little more than two weeks, over $600,000,000 dollars was raised for the families of those lost in the WTC/Pentagon Tragedy; this was well done. But, I ask you, where is that largesse of heart for the surviving families and descendants of places like: Wounded Knee and The Trail of Tears?

    America, we ask you as we sit amid the dirt, the sand, the dust, the blood, the sweat and the tears we cry, Where are they?

   Where is our share of the things Americans are supposed to love and cherish and hold dearly to their hearts and have as God/Spirit Given Rights, where are they?

   Where are our Pride, Strength, Love, Freedom and Basic Human Rights that you shout to the heavens that all in the world should have...except, perhaps, us?

Yes, it is true, you of Today did not take them away; but it is also very true  
that neither have you given them back!



Buffalo Calf Woman


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