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September 2001

The heaven above knows, that I feel so sad and compassionate toward those that were directly involved in the tragic events so recently experienced.

That having been said, it is more than time that America at large shook its head, arose from knees of despair and fear, and began to walk forward again. Yes, it was a tragic event. And yes, it will live in our memories for a very, very long time. But this was the same for many generations of Americans.

While it is true that we have been awoken to the fact that we are now living in a technological world where things are possible which were not in just a small  amount of time past, Americans are giving Terrorists too much credit. Certainly a degree of control they do not deserve.

The very idea airline business is down to the point where many fear dissolution; theme parks across the Nation are at a no standing in line status; artistic  endeavors are being cancelled; 8,000 tourist excursions from one travel agency alone are cancelled; and the Stock Market plummets like a rock to the point where brokers and players all say that the only thing that will bring it back is Active War; and wee tiny towns are reacting like terrorists are about to come barging through their doors at any moment this is unacceptable!

Understand, this does not apply to those that live in New York, the surrounding area; or were connected to the WTC/Pentagon events, personally such as having loved ones working there, or being friends/relatives to those brave and courageous passengers on the ill-destined flights.

This applies to the overwhelming mass of America where aside from televisions influence and the nature of the act itself, it did not touch them at all.

It drives me nuts to hear and see people on television speak and act as if every  flight available at any given time is going to be hijacked. As well as people on the extreme opposite side of the Country speaking of suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome!

How many Americans speak so proudly of their ancestors coming over on the May Flower; blazing trails through eastern woodlands; across vast plains and wide wild rivers; across deserts and over mountains to build this great Country of ours?

Did they halt their westward flow the first time a band of settlers failed in a tragic manner? Did they suffer from Post Traumatic Syndrome and say: No way, am I  going to travel by covered wagon again!

When the Titanic sank, did all Americans declare: I will never sail again?

When the Lusitania was sunk by torpedo was the cry: No more cruise liners for  me!

Funny thing Hawaii is still being visited and cruise liners are sailing all over the place.

So now, we are going to war. The American people are waving flags and 
shouting for God and Country, sending the youth of America to do battle. Now, I am not saying this is a bad thing for the reason it is being done it is a good thing.

However, the point I want you all to see is this: How can we eagerly send our  youth off to do battle and yet cower back within the confines of our towns, cities, counties, states and countryat the same time?

Can we, that remain at home, not show at least a vestige of the bravery that those who march out under our Flag are showing?

Can not the folk and people of America arise from a blow that while it hurt terribly, did in fact not knock us down, but only stagger us? The old Admiral Yamato quote has made a comeback: .I fear we have only awoken the sleeping giant., for I am beginning to hear it all over the place.

Well, then stand upright giant. It is time to show those sociopaths known as Terrorists, wherever in the world they may be at any given moment, that it is Americans who decide when and where they want to go in the United States. For sure these things are not to be decided by insane, morally bereft individuals who have no concept of the value and sanctity of Life created by G*d, whichever Name one knows G*d by.




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