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September 2001

 1.  Two air marshals on each flight; located front and aft, each facing the opposite end of aircraft.

  2.  Arm air marshals with multiple shot dart handguns, with instant paralysis drug (believe me, they have them).

  3.  Benefits of the above: no danger of depressurization; no worry about passenger loss of life due to misdirected shots or the need for rapid fire; hostage shield life threat eliminated...immediately dart both.

  4.  Casino eye-in-sky type of surveillance cameras mounted on aircraft overhead with monitor screen at navigators station in the cockpit.

5.  Reinforced cabin/cockpit door, with keypad combination lock. NO card slide mechanism!

  6. Fix lock with remote light/alarm in cabin cockpit. Configure lock so that if added number, or number out of sequence is entered, light/alarm goes off, with five second open delay. Have navigator position equipped with same type of dart gun. When door opens immediately dart whomever, whoever, all that come hesitation. Again, knowledge that no loss of life will occur will dramatically decrease any hesitation or opportunity lost.

    Now, it seems to me that this is a pretty fair idea and certainly workable, as well  as being accepted by the populace/passengers. For after what has transpired,  would not any sane person willing accept a bit of time unconsciousness or  immobility over what has been shown could/would happen?

    Certainly this proposal could have variations. However, I am but a common man with average intelligence...what do I know? Well, I know this is workable and as far as I am concerned, sounds better than the dribble I hear coming from Powers That Be who are supposed to be dealing with this problem and seem unable to get past a new door for the cockpit. I have heard it said on television by various executives of the air corporations that the timetable to simply get 2 or three steel bars to reinforce present doors is 1 to 3 years. What is wrong with this scenario? We can send how many ships and aircraft along with 30-40,000 men halfway across the globe via air and water in just a couple of weeks or less, and we can not steel rod reinforce in less than a year, or as much as 3!?

    If any of you find worth in this Proposal, or can use it to add to your own ideas, then send it/them to the White House E-mail; I plan on doing just that, myself! (SEE LINKS FOR GOVERNMENT EMAIL ADDRESSES)


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