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Carved Tiger's Eye

    There has always been, in the course of human history, people who believe in the power of various stones to have impact on the treating of many ailments, be they mental, emotional or physical. This belief extends to one degree or another, into Native American peoples, as well.

What is put forth on this page is not to be taken as an endorsement by this site nor the people who are constantly striving to create informational sections for any and all to explore, learn, sample, discover. 

Neither should its placement be seen as a recommendation or advisories for medical treatments and/or alternatives to modern day medicine. 

Nor should it be taken as to imply our own personal belief and/or disbelief in this type of Path. 

What we, as a whole or individually, believe has absolutely no bearing on whatever information is to be found on any given subject in the world. 

Information, is always there, ready to be discovered; to be walked through in delight as one traverses a flowering mountain meadow, or as one trudges through hip-deep snow covered pass. Either way, it is up to the individual as to what to do with the information discovered upon each's path through this life. 

It is called Free Will Choice, and such is a right that for certain belongs to each individual solely and absolutely - despite what others may think of the individual or the information in question.

As to how these "powers" are to be gained and/or used, I have not a clue nor would I suggest them even if I did. Certainly there are many upon many books and other avenues that delve into this aspect.

Be that as it may, we know there is a high degree of new interest aborning in subjects such as this, so, as it pleases us to do so, here are some stones/minerals and some of the attributes given to them down through the Ages. The descriptions of attributes for the stones came from a multitude of friends that are aficionados or practitioners; of these they were compared with various other sites and sources on the internet in order to promote a sense of stability in the descriptions. 


Click on the Names Below to go to the Healing Properties of the Selected Stone- Then Click on the Name There to Come Back to the Table
For Additional Information on Stones and More

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