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I get many requests from people wanting extra pictures or send me all the material you have on... Sorry, this simply can not be done.

I have enough just trying to compile what is on the site as it is. And for sure, Spotted Wolf and Stone Woman have their hands full putting it up on the site; site maintenance, as well as design.

I hope to have several pages such as this one, where you seekers can go to look at the things that you wish to seek out.

As you can see, this page gives an example as well as the link to the sites that either belongs to the Nature Photographer, or a site that carries their work.

Exercise your mouse fingergrinand enjoy their absolutely wonderful artistic work! Snow Owl
Karylee Photography
4534 SE 17th Ave. PMB 138 Portland, OR 97202
(503) 295-9775 Fax (503) 775-5236


Wedge-tailed Eagle

Copyright 1997 Anne Foxworthy

Part of the  Web Site


This was taken during an incredibly rare display of the Aurora Borealis (the "Northern lights") as seen from Provo, Utah, at 9:00 pm on November 8, 1991.

In 1987 I took this amazing photo near Burley, Idaho. It was taken during an incredibly intense daytime lightning storm, and I used an entire roll of film trying to get one shot with lightning in the frame. This is NOT a double exposure, computer altered, or otherwise "gimmicked" photo!

Snake River Tetons Harry Bowden
A spring scene in northwestern Wyoming.

1995 - 2002 Harry Bowden
P.O.Box 293685, Kerrville, TX 78029
(830) 895-5806

Signed and numbered limited edition.
Available sizes: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20.

Night Flight Harry Bowden
A slide "sandwich" of a bald eagle near Valdez, Alaska and a full moon.

1995 - 2002 Harry Bowden
P.O.Box 293685, Kerrville, TX 78029
(830) 895-5806
Signed and numbered limited edition.
Available sizes: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20.



Snow Flake Crystal



Grand Teton National Park
Daves Wallpaper

Inachis io
Photos : Cor Zonneveld, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

White Admiral
Photo by Jay Cossey



Patriarch Tree and Cathedral Peaks
 Teton Range, WY
Photo by Lou Winans

White Tip - Colorado
Photo by Lou Winans

1226 Painter's Palette
Photo by Bill Atkinson

Natchez Trace in Mississippi
copyright Henry Richardson

The Black Capped Chickadee
Copyright 2004,
Great Blue Heron
Copyright 2004,

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