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Snow Owl- May 2003

    There are many pictures and many elements of information gathered to compile this article. I have tried to attribute each to the respective site; if there are errors in these areas please notify the , and we will correct it as soon as possible.

    The article began as such a small gentle thing
but somehow kept mutating! To the point where I have tried to put some kind of Native American Legend that pertained to the animal and/or picture involved. Sadly, my eyes failed long before I could find some stories to decidedly fit the particular animal. So, I just went with a story. If you think that many times I had to go through over a hundred pages of links to find one story, add in the factor of my vision, then I believe you will understand why.

     At any rate, it is hoped that not only will everyone find something here to enjoy, but also to learn and even, perhaps, create a birth of a new idea in some. 

      Enjoy! Heya!

     Because there are so many animals, I have divided them into four arbitrary categories: Air, Land, Water and Other (which includes other animals, that don't fit into one of the other categories, and Insects). 
     Click on the Names Below to go to a the Animal -At the end of each Animal's section there is a link back to these tables.

     If a hyperlink doesn't work it means I have not put up the information yet. But if the animal name is there-It is coming! 



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