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Snow Owl September 2004

National Geographic
Winter winds tug at prayer feather tied to a bush in the hope of more harmonious times. The Hopis believe that the feathers are invested with evils that will be removed as the bush is stripped bare, making a spiritual space for the good that will replace them.

National Geographic
The promise of a bright future shines in the eyes of a young woman wearing the butterfly hairstyle that signifies she is unmarried. Her generation too will tie feathers in the wind, ensuring that the customs of this ancient people will endure.

National Geographic
Three Little Maids Away From School Hopi Indians, Arizona

The white man is proud of his juvenile courts; the Hopi red man is proud that he has no need for such institutions. A Hopi father considers it an essential duty to teach his children to abhor lying and stealing, to respect and obey their elders, and to be self-supporting.


National Geographic
Young Mothers of a Zuni Pueblo New Mexico

All of the Pueblo people are monogamists, and the status of women is much highr than
among most Indian tribes, although marriage is effected with little ceremony and divorce is lightly regarded.


National Geographic
A Zuni Smile

Like most of the other Pueblo tribes, the Zuni are quiet, good-natured and tempered, industrious, and friendly.


National Geographic
Making a Peach Basket For the harvest the Zuni women weave deep, sturdy burden-baskets which have a capacity of about a bushel. They are made largely of skunk-bush shoots.


National Geographic
The Pueblo people of the Southwest are today, as in the past, masters of the ceramic art. This Tewa squaw (National Geographics termnot mine! Snow) of Hano Pueblo, Arizona is holding one of her masterpieces.

National Geographic
A Girl Weaver

Like their neighbors the Hopi and the Navajo, the Zuni are as skilled weavers of blankets and belts. Their textile work is durable and shows great variety of design. The Navajo blanket has become one of the most popular articles of Indian handicraft.


National Geographic
Two Beauties of the Zuni

The Zuni women are attractive Indian types when young; the Zuni pottery still is made according to aboriginal methods and patterns.

The latter is as distinctive for its coloring as is the exquisite ware of the Chaco Canyon for its black and white design.


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