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Snowwowl-May 2005


New Rule Opens National Forest Areas to Roads
Land Had Been Put Off Limits to Development by President Clinton

WASHINGTON (May 5) - The Bush administration, in one of its biggest decisions on environmental issues, moved Thursday to open up nearly a third of all remote national forest lands to road building, logging and other commercial ventures.

The 58.5 million acres involved, mainly in Alaska and in western states, had been put off limits to development by former President Clinton, eight days before he left office in January 2001.

Copyright 2005 The Associated Press.

Taken from AOL presented news article 5/5/05

Look, I love the mountains and the forests as much as any person. However, the people that are, shall we say, actively interested in protecting the forests and beauty of Parks and Federal Lands, can pretty much forget about any long standing protection law against commercial aggression into, out of, and all around said lands.

There was no big hulabulloo when Pres. Clinton signed his bill. Why? Cause you see, each President when the closing days come around before he becomes once again part of the inferior but tax-paying voters, wants to either: 1) leave a personal stamp behind; 2) make a late payoff to an election debt; 3) get back at someone that ticked him off during his presidency; 4) or all the above plus not having to worry about who he crosses cause he cant run again anyway.

The Money knew that this bill would be negated within 8 years, and it was and very likely for the same reasons. Pres. Bush just did it. Lo and Behold, look at the timing.

Public Interests are simply NOT going to win out whenever Commercial Aggressors decide that going against the peoples best interests brings a better financial return to them. And that, is the Plain Pure Fact of it all.

Public Interests needs to find newer tactics if they ever want to gain more than simply appearing to act as a checks and balances annoyance to commercialism of the worlds natural wonder.

Perhapsno, not perhaps, I am certain - that the stupidest tactic are these goofballs that burn down buildings or in-construction building sites, etc.

First of all, this is but the first step to terrorism. Now, I dont know about you, but I am against terrorism no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they blather as heart-rending excuses for doing what they do.

Secondly, dont they realize that all they do in the end is mess up another plain ordinary citizens chance at changing his or her life? How many people walk unemployed now because of these burndowns? People that could have worked for a building context, work at a store that came into existence cause the need was now there, and you can think of many others I am sure.

All they end up doing is putting more money into everyones pockets except the guy not in the commercial loop. The financers certainly do not lose and very probably even benefit with the right clause in the loan; the manufacturing companies dont lose, they got 87 different kinds of insurance quick money for them and just as easy to find another place; the contractors dont lose, they dont have as much insurances as the others but dont cry they got plenty enough; and the insurance companies dont lose cause this payout gives them the right to hike up the rates and thank you very much!

So, how to combat all this? Well, up to now the tactics wont get a thing done except push the worlds grazing public into lifting their collective heads and mooing at you.

First of all, you have to realize that both needs are valid and simply can not be remedied unless both are attended to at the same time and in the same document and a document not subject to slight of hand reversals.

This will never come to pass, regrettably, because neither side knows the connotation of the word compromise to the betterment of all.

There are ways to gather and/or create anything we wish to and to leave the land as good or better, all it takes is resolve to do so and let go of a damn coin or two.

And there are ways to protect and defend, without going all whacko over every bent blade of grass. To get the world that you want anti-gravity has to be invented so every building, road and sign as well as all the people would never actually be touching ground! You have to understand, you dont have to like it, but you do have to accept it: the population is 6,000,000,000 and growing people have to live somewhere.

So, in essence, both sides need to take a wee time-out and grow up a bit. If the two would work as hard in working together, as they do fighting one another can there be any doubt that things would work out?


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