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Snowwowl-August 2004


Listening to a News show one evening; one where it was a round table type of discussion involving lawyers, I finally came to the point where I had to speak out.

      It once was an adage that only two things in life are indispensable: Barbers and Lawyers. Well, you can see which survived, as its ilk always have.

      Lawyers take umbrage at all the jokes to their expense. I wonder why? They all contain the element of Truth.

      If a one wishes recourse through a legal system, then hire a lawyer. But, if one seeks Justice then, forget about the legal system. There is a reason that Lady Justice is blindfolded and it is not cause of the crimes brought afore her nor that she is said to be impartial. Tis cause there is no room for Justice afore a Justice of the Peace or higher. There is but room for those that can mealy worm words to the best advantage and who the heck cares who is guilty or the victim was; as well as those who can afford to hire the former.

      Judges? I say nothing about them, save this bit - first they were lawyers.

       It is said, for a truly revolutionary thing to come to pass, and people to accept it: first kill all the lawyers. Harsh statementbut, you know, as time has progressed, it seems as the Old and New Testaments as well as recorded history will attest: 'tis true.

       Cant understand laws? Look at who made them, who worded them, and who passed them without the common mans vote.

       Look at your elected officials: see how many are lawyer qualified.

       Who really has the power save those that get orders from others to write this or that up so only the writer can understand how to do it and then, teach the other brother/sister to ensure they are only ones that can explain it; and then, make sure that they are supervised by those who used to be one of them.

       The rest of mankind pays all these monies to say nothing of hearts own soul and doing it while the puppets clatter: gimme mine first.

       The Common Man is dedicated to being lazy and there now is no way for him to be saved even if he knew he needed it.

       Go to church? Why, turn on a one there that will do all the praying for you.

       Go to the bank? Oh heck no, go 'puterdont even have to open door.

       Read? Why? Too many movies, DVDS, videos and baby makes three to bother.

       Marry? Why? People having babies seems to be a normal thing at age 14 today; why go to the expense and responsibility of marriage?

       Morality? No, let us not get into thatfor surely, for now I doubt there are but a few that can even spell it, much less know what it means.

       And in all of these, Lawyers will take either side. Does not matter. Give them the bucks and by Heaven, they will believe. Pick a side. Does not matter.

       A one can be accused and sit up there with a Gold God Given Band of Innocence upon their brow and there will be not a person trying to discover if innocent or not...but a one doing his best, one way or another and who the heck cares, guilty or innocent guilty is the only way they see it. He/She is called a Prosecutors. Just another lawyer.

       And the same applies to the reverse. It is no Justice system. It is a big game with big numbers where the Players have no worries about the outcome of the chess pieces at the end of the Game. After all, it isnt them that go to jail, shell out the bucks, or even get executed: they go home every night with a nice bank account.

       This Country has had it bad moments, as all have had. But it also had such great potential. It yet is still better than what is out there...but not for long. The People have forgotten in their sad way, to think for themselves: and now, 'tis but insane lemmings determined with righteous jaw set, to march to the Cliff of Destruction, as long as they have the last word right or wrong LEAP!.


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