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Snowwowl-July 2004


      I have not a clue, but over the vast years, ages and times a people or peoples, have banded together into basically, two main parties/factions with at times several other minor groups bottom feeding for the scraps that fall to the floor.

     This may have been fine a certain period of time, but only for a certain period of time. All things must progress, or they first stagnate and then die.

     So, it is with our so-called Politico and government system. Yes, even the Judicial System, but that one is a subject for another time.

      I can not believe that a Country that shouts to the heavens the right for independent thinking of the individual, in one way or another, forces its citizens to choose a Party to vote for. Not an individual, a Party. This to the extent that we end up voting for party slogans, undefined platforms, and nebulous promises which never come to pass. Not a thought nor care that when you buy the dog, you buy the fleas as well. No wonder that a politicos main energy expenditure is not helping The People, but getting re-elected, from Day One.

     We now have two parties, and God help anyone that walks outside of them. What they both strive for, regardless of what they throw out to the feeding masses, is power for themselves and money for the ones that give them that power; and dont think for one moment that the latter is The People. !

     In the days of George Washington, it was known even then, that the fledgling government was not for the People. Yet, through descriptive words and phrases it was shown that the leaders of that day were yet hopeful that the country would grow into a nation that was truly of and for The People. Well, the country did grow, simply not in the direction the forefathers envisioned.

      I am nothing, less than the simplest of citizens. Still, I tell those reading these pitiful few words: I am so sick of these people in the government that have turned it from government to a controlling multi-headed monster that can not agree with itself, much less the people it supposedly serves.

      Many peopleboth Native American and others, blame so much on the, shall we say, white eye. Not me. I blame it on the government which only happened to be white eye, if you insist on the term. 'Tis not the web that killsbut the spider.

     And now, that same Spider that did its best to eradicate the Native American is doing the same with restrictions to all of the common masses; phrasing laws, bills and what all in such lawyerese that the common man has no clue what the title means, much less the content of the document. Why? To be without knowledge is to wither and die, or at the very least be easily controlled. They do this, the Government, to the masses, supremely well.

     It would be nice if people could even come close to agreeing. But, unless the leaders begin to do so, the people will not, except for wee small islands in this great ocean of a Nation.

     There is a surge toward the seeking and learning of Native American ways with representation from all the races of America, and even of many of the countries of the world. Why?

     There are many reasons, but two main ones are that with Native Americans worship is not religionand the government is to benefit the people not dog leash control the people.

      Only the politico players along with their lawyers win. And ever will until the people, and I mean The People, stand up, finally united and say: either do what we want and not what you tell us that we want or get the hell out!

      I may be 60 years old, and legally blind but the next person that says to me they are a public servant is going to feel like a Hanging Chad!.


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