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Snowwowl-June 2003

     Well, here is a Timely Rant for you, and if the so-called Popsicle polls are right there will be about half of you that will agree with me, and about half that will not, while the ones that are left are yet trying to find the map that lets them know where their rear ends are.

    Hillary Clinton, and the Billary Clinton Gang in total.

    There was a lady this night on a TV new talk show, that spoke: The book just came out and I am sick of speaking about it already.

     Pretty much, how I feel.

     Another said: Move over, Harry Potter, the real Abracadabra just appeared on the bookshelves!

     Well, I agree with that as well.

     It is said as well, that there are 3 groups of American and/or people those that love Hillary, those that hate her, and those that would like to.

     Well, I strive ever, never to hate anyone. But, I will tell you that I do not trust this woman on anything. Period. That is about as blunt and to the point as I can make it.

     I see those that love her are the same ones who either go out and buy with fidelity, the National Inquirer, et al, or send others out to do it for them lest someone notice. No matter their so-called vaulted status in the society of this country they have as a firm grasp upon reality as does a grape.

    Yes, I could number off all the various things that all the new groups are doing now, and I probably will mention some of them cant be helped.

    First: she wrote not one word of the book, herself. She had others write it up first, then she spoke as to what should be changed etc.; this is NOT writing a bookthis is using BS to turn HS into Hillary S.

    Next, she says nothing in the book that no one does not already know.unless they live in Deliverance Ville. Or, have not the capacity to realize that what you already know does not change simply cause this time around, there is a smily face with cold eyes, speaking itinstead of an Unknown Source reporting it.

     Truth remains Truth, regardless if spelled out in childs blocks or by the Guttenburg press.

     Sodoes the absence of it.

     She would have us believe that the first she knew of the Lewinsky thing, was when he paced in front of the bed, ad nauseum.

     Sure, right. Mr. and Mrs. Purity. She never had a clue to this mans behavior from the past episodes including his first run for nomination and then onward? Look, fine..if she did not have a clue, what with radio tapes and all then, dear me is this a person we should want or have leading one of our great statesor, Lord Forbidas President, one day?

     In an interviewshe speaks when asked about a hubby affair: this is a private matter, I will not speak to it. Yet, on other times she has and did so, this one is no less or more private? As well, have you checked upon the God Help Us gauntlet the confirmation people put various Supreme Court Justices appointees through? Well, sorry they cant use that private bit. Neither should she, especially not she nor any Senate nor Congress person.

     Do not get me wrong I am not, in any way against having a female President, nor a one of any color besides white, or whatever. But I surely am against this particular female.

      She can say all she wants to, but all I get is shivers down my back and they are not from pleasure.

      Somewhere in the middle of President Clintons first term, there was not so great a joke going around.on the other hand, it speaks volumes.

      Bill was outside the White House, in the winter time and doing as men have done since born was trying to write various things in the snow, while answering the call of Nature. A Secret Serviceman happened to walk by, as Bill decided to write the name of the President in the snow, and said: Beg Pardon, Sir...but there are two Ls in Hillary.

     Now, you all, love her and eventually vote for her. Just remember, you asked for her, when you get her.


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