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Snowwowl-June 2003

     I am not only outraged but alarmed at this current "Textbook Gate" and the people behind it who apparently have no real employment.

     They want the "truth" in schoolbooks? When has The Truth ever been in text books? For sure, you won't get truth by pretending various things do not exist. Is not one of the reasons for Teachers, is to show students the difference between "good" and "bad" foods? That the reason the term Founding Fathers is used, is because last time I checked there were no "females" in that era in any way officially connected to the formulation of what eventually became America?

     Are we to keep censoring till we have a plain black cover book, with two white pages - first page saying The; 2nd page saying End? 

     No, that won't work, because for sure the word "End" could lead these apparently brain dead youngsters to think it could mean a portion of human anatomy - heaven forbid they discover they have one. So "End" is out. 

     Ooops, gotta take out "The" as well, cause with just that word, these devious thinking little tykes will surely put anything after that word - so, take it out. 

     We are left, sorry - black binder? Can't have that, racially suggestive...the same with white pages. OK, no books at all - there's our politically correct Mother of All Answers!

     Someone get these people some work at The Insane Hussein Inn - and give the American Public a break: A Massive One!


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