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Snow Owl June, 2003

      This will be another politico Rant and while it is true that I write these rants to get them out of my system, I am sure that many of you will agree to some of them, this one perhaps, in particular.

      I am sick and tired of these people who run for office who seem to be unable to run a campaign that consists of tearing the smithereens out of their opponents, especially the person that holds the office; for instance: President of the United States.

     Now, I am not a Bush apologist, nor did I vote for him. As well, as I have stated before I am still unsure as to what exactly happened in Florida. But, set that aside for now. Regardless of how you personally regard the man, he has done some things very well since 9/11. Not in the least is that myself, along with many others have pleaded to once again have a President that would not cringe and give in to every whistle dink nation that said, Give us this or that, or we are gonna cry. Well, it would appear that we now have one. 

    Is he going to make mistakes; has he made mistakes; will he make others? Yes, heaven helps us: He Is Human!

    Now, back to the aspiring high office seekers. All I hear is Bush did this wrong, Bush did that wrong; this program is bad, that program is bad. Woe is us, Bush is the inventor of all the bad things in America and around the world todayapparently even those things that have been in existence since the days of Babylon!

    You dont agree with a program? Fine, but dont just set up your press conferences and mouth sticks and stones. The American People, as a whole, are not as dumb as you politicos would make us out to be. Tell us, honestly and factually, why such and such is wrong. 

     Above all, you sanctimonious twits, tell us WHAT you would do to change it; HOW you would go about changing; and WHAT this would entail. I am getting so sick of seeing these fair haired boys stand up pontificating - elect me and I will change it, then stand back basking in the applause. I am getting to the point where I wanna just run up to them and whack them along side the head with a Dumb Ass Board!

      Election after election comes and goes, with the results being the same: Nothing happens, and all the problems remain, being of course, birthed by the previous administration!

    Is it not curious, something good happens, and its congrats to the Department or Agency involved. Something bad happens, and somehow it is the fault of the President. 

    Congress and the Senate want nothing more than to keep chiseling away at the powers of the Oval Office, yet when a President happens to do something right in the eyes of the majority of the American Peopleit always seems to be wrong in the Eyes of the Dog Catchers (my apologies to the ASPCA, et al).

    The main focal point seems to be, at this time, the Economy and the apparent failure of President Bush to immediately kiss and make it better, daddy.

    Excuse me, but I am not an economic whiz or anything however, it is quite visible to me that the reason behind our economic woes can be trimmed down to one word: Greed, and this is on all fronts. 

   The truth that athletes make ungodly salaries; 

        that our Senate and Congress can not and will not pass needed bills, etc., without ensuring first that it includes a lollipop for them; 

        that CEOs of companies make multi-million dollar salaries for what, showing up for work to say Yea or Nay and/or having someone else do what they are supposed to be doing?; 

       that the farmers and producers of our nations stare forlornly at what they get for their exhaustive labor when they look across the Grand Canyon-like chasm to the money shippers and middlemen get makes me sick!!! 

    Yet, ask anyone of the politico system that is whose fault is this? Of course, The Presidents! Huh????????

    Look at what I mean here. Now, I have no idea if this recent Tax Rebate type thing is/was a good thing or not. Without doubt, I am for less taxation. But I am scratching my head at the logic of the overall thing. What sense does it make to decrease taxes in one area, then create a new tax in another? I speak of the move to tax Fast Foods? What genius politico came up with this? Its bad enough that we have Homeless type folks who manage to scrape together enough to buy a couple El Cheapo Deal Time Tacos, NOW youre gonna taxem too?

    Again, here is what I mean: it was not so long ago that bologna and various types of hot dogs were considered at the low end of the food spectrum in grocery market. In fact, I can recall when many would not eat these cause Do you have any idea what that stuff is made up of?. And it again, was a source of being able to feed the individual or some families that could not afford even hamburger. Now? Well, I just saw an Oscar Meyer pack of hot dogs on sale! at $4.50!!!

     Now, in one way or another, all this is laid at the doorstep of the current President; during any given election period especially. Yet, I have never heard one aspirant EVER speak up while running just what and how, they would go about changing things. Why? Cause they wont and cant. For when they land their own rear ends in that Chair, the same politicos that helped them get electedor not, will be yapping and snapping at their heels blaming the same problems on him (non-gender unisex speaking of course, heaven knows I dont want the Word Police after me!).

    I have stated that I did not vote for now President Bush; however, I have to now tell you that I would rather he remain in office than have ANY of the present Democratic Party aspirants get anywhere within 20 miles of the Oval Office. 

    As far as I am concerned they all should be considered viable candidates for sanitarium reservations, for I do not see a one of them that appears to have a clue in what reality they are operating within. In fact, they scare the (insert as you will here), outta me!


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