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Snow Owl, May - 2006


TO WANNA BE...OR...NOT TO WANNA BE – (With apologies to The Bard):

More and more, and yet still more, I am hearing, from nearly all spectrums of the Native American “Family”, the accusation thrown at people who have no Native American blood in them, or some with lower percentages yet they wish to recognize this heritage(s).

The more I dwell on this, the more it burns me up. First of all, I detest folks who use any type of disparagement toward people who seek to learn as well as acknowledge their racial heritage, no matter the “race”.

Next, it is – to me – astounding that that certain Native Americans would get so upset over this, you would think they would be proud, as well as grateful, that the descendants of those who thought them as “godless savages” have finally discovered and wish to discover more of the beauty of various Native American cultures/histories, as well as their spiritualities and ways of walking the earth’s paths along with how Native Americans perceive “the world”.

Look, to use the “wanna-be” phrase as an negative accusation is very stupid in the first place. Why? Because every person ever born, including all Native Americans, live now or ever will be born – Wants To Be Something or Someone, and its always something other than what they are. Everyone.

Every child wants to be, a firefighter, a nurse, a doctor, a warrior…whatever, when they grow up.

Every one wants to be rich –
Check it out – some whites want to be as “cool as the blacks” –
The French wannabe Superior to all –
Some Native Americans wannabe Federally Recognized –
Popes wannabe Infallible –
Presidents wannabe right…sometime, just once –
Cardinals wanna be Pope –
Christians wanna be saved –
Suzys wanna be like Britney (gag!) Spears –
Freds wanna be like Joe Montana –
And I wanna be like Bill Gates!

Everyone wants to be like someone else, so if people “wanna be” Native American or like Native Americans, take pride as a People that they do. Take pride as individuals that they do, for it shows that someone other than yourself believes you are worthy of such admiration and emulation…

And get off this “Wanna Be” War!!!



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