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Snow Owl, May - 2006



This is a HUGE :You Should Be Ashamed!: to all the scientists, oil companies, corporations, politicians and just about anyone else you can think of, including environmentalists.

Why? There was, at the time of this writing, a National High School Science Fair. At this function, a lad had created a lawn mower out of spare parts found at his grandmothers house and the junk yard. This lawn mower does NOT use any gas, nor any oil!

First of all, this lad did not win any prizes, and I wonder why, he surely should have.

Secondly, if a high school student can come up with an idea that has the potential to actually be world changing, why cant this multi-billion dollar Research and Development departments do so? Well, I guess we all know the why of that, dont we?

The concept of a lawn mover engine that does not gas nor oil, is not that far from a vehicle having an engine using the same basic design. And you can be sure that the auto industry as well as any and all corporations that deal products which use gas and/or oil associated products would have to spend money revamping their factories and you can be sure the oil companies themselves would faint dead away to say nothing of the stock holders! God forbid that the government and all the above mentioned worthies would actually come into the 21st Century!!!

You can be sure that this concept will be bought and/or controlled by the conglomerates as soon as possible and this lad and his invention will be silenced, because if this truly got to the American peoples awareness, they would no longer have the poor us excuses to fall back on any longer.

Perhaps the gasless engine Urban Myth of 20 or 30 years ago which was, as the Urban Myth goes, bought and locked away never to be seen again, is not such an Urban Myth after all.



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