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Snow Owl, May - 2006



It is a sad thing, but it is true, that most other countries and nations of the world hate and detest America. Even of those few that dont, I fear most of these even do unspoken and within their minds and hearts.

Why is this? I mean, I know the whys I want to know the whys behind them and what can be done about it.

Let me tell you, it is not a simple thing to discover nor to correct and at the end of this writing, I fear we will still be at a loss as to how to rectify the situation.

Now America has its faults, there can be no denying that and I would not attempt to do so for my nose would begin to grow faster than Pinnocchios.

And to be sure, many of the things that we find fault with in other nations, America traveled many of the same roads as they are currently on. Therein lies the beauty American no longer does the bad things it once did or at the least has many of its populace striving to grow out of them, regardless of how it may seem that we are not.

One asks what business is it of Americas to punish us, up to and including, with invasion and/or war.

I say, how can we not when countries slaughter and kill their own peoples by the thousands and millions?

I say that any society that says they are striving to walk the road of evolutionary civilization and have finally reached the point where it is understood that to kill any and all who disagree with whomever Is in power at the time, is Murder, pure and simple is morally and responsible to bring such genocides to a screeching halt.

For if you allow such to continue when you have the means to prevent or halt it, you are simply walking under the guise of the civilized banner.

The problem is, nothing else but, if would seem, war works and if you do not follow up with the same fervor that you went to war with being put into ensuring that the people indeed, remain free of such oppression then even that does not work and it relegates such civilized action into the same Loss Column that the war was supposed to eradicate in the first place.

America is indeed, The Land of Plenty and indeed she is detested for her success. Just like people insult and disparage neighbors or anyone who has money to burn, countries without call us evil because we ride on paved roads, wear clothes other than 3rd generation hand-me-downs; shop at seemingly endless merchandise stores while they have to walk ten miles and if they are lucky, afford to buy and then carry back a bag of grain.

It does not matter that America gives, in many cases, more relief funds and supplies than a great many nations combined national incomes. The few in power in those countries sell most of it on the black market, or put the money in very few Swiss bank accounts and the people of the countries never see it. Who gets the blame? America.

We give billions of dollars in various ways to governments of other countries to aid their people and those self-same governments turn around and buy weapons. For what purpose? To fight America or to fund terrorist groups who do the fighting for them. Whats more, we know it and we STILL do it.

You say that to not to would be uncivilized? No, that is not uncivilized that is stupidity taken to the level of being an art form!

America breaks its back trying to be everything to all countries and ends up being hated all the more. Why? Because we end up being listened to as much as the child who is told by its parents that to do such and such will earn them a butt whacking, time after time, after time, after time. This conduct leads to only one end the child will simply escalate its bad behavior because he/she knows whatever the rhetoric, nothing is going to happen.

America has to put some action and teeth behinds its words or shut the heck up and puts its teeth in a glass on the shelf!

Every country most vocally proclaims its sovereign right to prevent or allow, or protect its borders, and you see this on the news most any given night.

However, America is told by some of the most oppressive governments in the world, China, Russia to name but two that we let in Tom, Dick, Sally and Jose by the literal millions illegally and that they should have all the rights that natural born and legalized citizens do?

And that if one of these people here illegally commits a crime we can not punish them but instead must pay for their return to their home country, so they can run away again, from a home country that apparently does not want them either?

If the countries of the world do not listen to us, why should be kowtow to them?

We simply will never be seen as right in these situations. If a country that beheads or chops off various body parts for assorted criminal activities decries America for trying to keep some sort of sane control over the floods of peoples coming here to get some, why should we care one whit about what they think?

The words of such countries should have about as much affect/effect on us as a gnat passing gas has on a hurricanenamely none.

What? If we actually do something right and effective about the Mexico-US border problems, they are going to declare war on us? I hate to tell you this, but in World War II Mexico signed a non-participary treaty with Germany with the clause that should Germany invade America, Mexico would then invade from the South! I submit by sending and forcing these millions to come here illegally, by their insisting Mexico remains unproductive with a criminally infested government on all levels, they have already.

So, what do we do? Well, one solution would be to relocate most of our continental military bases and put them on the border with the Navy at one coastal border, the Coast Guard at the other, and the Army and Air Force inbetween. I bet that would halt more than a few illegals! And, there would be plenty of desert to hold maneuvers on, plenty of flat ground for runways and plenty of unpopulated area to use as bombing and firing ranges.

But, this will never get off the ground for we would only end up having the states that lose the bases crying while the ones getting them would clap their hands in greedy glee over getting them: both forgetting it is for Americas best interest and its COMBINED citizens security!

Now for sure, should America stand up to the world for the same rights as the rest of the world proclaims is theirs, the cry will be Who Appointed America To Be The Police of the World!!!

Wake up! The world has progressed technologically to the point where it simply is imperative that someone must! Allowing one and all to war against whomever they want, whenever they want, for whatever reason they want is no longer set in an environment where a war does damage to only the participants, but instead has the most definite capability of destroying the entire world, including the penguins in Antarctica who, last I heard, are not developing atomic warfare technology!

Well, these same countries would become the Policeman of the World in a heart beat If they could and dont you think for one moment they wouldnt and I have to tell you, I would much rather have America assuming that role than whoever is in 2nd place!!!

But this wont happen because the same people who protest against child unruliness being handled by apply the Board of Education to the Seat of Learning would rather have chaos than order if it means that they also have to take their share of responsibility instead of blaming it on society.

America has all this power and wealth and we insist on pouring it down the drain like pouring sand down a gopher hole. In other words, we use both on totally useless things while screaming we should get rid of our military that would be great, huh? Get rid of our military power and even Switzerland would line up to attack us!

And giving away money, etc., is about as useful as trying to fill the appetite of baby birds no matter how much they get, they only want more.

So, whats the answer? Well, in the history of the world, only one thing has worked to any degree of success, and that is being seen as ready and willing to use such might as the world has never seen before, and at the present, can not be matched. And, do so before it can!

Yes, it sounds horrible and in reality it is. However, it is also a reality that this IS the kind of world that we live in and until we can get to a position that such actions are realized by the world as to be detrimental to ones well-being, this is, in fact the only road to walk.

Does America have to be The One to bring this about, soley?

No, not at all but America does have to be the one to start it, and make it clear that the United Nations is NOT a place for countries to put their political idiots, or kick the UN outperiod, get some countries that truly believe in a true working association of nations, and ready to stand by and up for such resolutions and actions that need to be taken instead of vetoing every idea because it came from any particular country who they dont particularly like or wont kiss their golden half-moons!

So, what to do, because this will never happen either. I guess the only thing left is for America to continue to be Beautiful while hated; powerful but cant seem to find the keys to the engine; and worrying more about their image than doing what is right in the eyes of any oppressed people or any rational human being.

So I guess this leaves but one option: to wait and watch the ancient and word-wide prophecies come to pass.

Meanwhile America, get rid of all those departments of Immigration along with their personnel for it seems they arewaste of moneydoes aid the employment figures though, I guess.



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