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Snow Owl, April - 2006


This entire Illegal/Legal Immigration situation is really starting to irritate me worse than the biggest pimple I ever had on the end of my beak. All sides, and I say all sides because this is not a one or two, or even three sided issue, are clamoring like a nest full of hungry fledglings and no one is listening, including the parents. All but the parents are saying Me first, til I am full and to heck with you.:, while the parents are arguing about whose gathering food ploy is the best (Republicans and Democrats. Meanwhile the nest is about to get destroyed by the kids.

America and Americans had better listen up and begin to remember as well. It was not that long ago that Fidel Castro came to this country, got his college education along with a heaping helping of communist doctrines, went back and, Voila! America had a communist country and dictator 90 miles offshore, where both remain to this day causing no end to problems while screaming how terrible America is.

These problems continue to the present and now include inviting Communist China to drill for oil IN THE GULF OF Mexico while the extreme environmentalists wont even let us drill off the shore of Florida!

What am I saying! I am beginning to think that extreme and environmentalists are two inseparable words. And, if you think those two items are bad, which they are, think about having a Mexico that is clearly on the road to being anti-America being supplied with items of war, in exchange for more oil rights and oil itself!

Before we continue on, let me make it clear that I do believe that it is necessary for environmentalism to be a watchdog so that corporations and government, and yes, in certain cases individuals, do not go overboard in their various exercises.

However, WE have to wake up and face reality. It has now been said that the worlds population is 6 Billion, and estimated that in the year 2012 it will be 7 Billion! America is at the 300,000,000 million mark: The world is running out of space/resources in the customary areas and all these present and future human beings are going to need food and a place to live. So, if you want the predicted war and famine, etc., to come upon the world, simply allow the worlds governments to continue to stand around with their thumbs up each nostril arguing about which one to pull out first while they succumb to shortness of breath!

Something has to give here folks, it simply has to. Common sense simply has to begin to take precedence over some of the so-called traditional pride of race and nationalism. If it doesnt there is going to be a whole lot less land to argue about and a whole lot less folks to do the arguing, and soon!

America, itself, needs to begin standup and say: Enough! You can surely bet that President Theodore Roosevelt is spinning in his grave over the way that most of the entire world is spitting all over it like spoiled rotten children whose do not give a thought to anyone but themselves and more and more candy from a bag that is rapidly running empty.

America has become so concerned about its so-called image in the eyes of the world that we are as ineffectual as the parents who let their kids do drugs, drink booze, etc., because they dont want them to think badly of them.

Wake Up! Most of the rest of the world hates America and Americans right now as we speak (and that is one of the reasons). They grab our generosity with one hand while cutting our hamstrings with the other. Simply put: If America is going to be hated and all, then we may as well be hated for acting responsibly and providing positive accomplishment. Instead, we do not stand up and provide discipline and structure, as well as doing what is best for the whole world.

After all, the best parents spank their kids and make them go to their rooms, ground them and the like even though the kids scream how they hate them. Those same kids as they grow up most always end up being very glad for this positive influence and thank them for it; and in the end most become responsible themselves.

Now, do I personally view America as the only country that deserves to be in this parental description? By no means. However, we are the only one in the world at this time that, with the aid of certain allies, have the capability to say something and enforce it with regards to world conduct. The fact is, Earth has come to the point where someone simply has to step up and do it and we should.

Forget the United Nations, that establishment is simply a place where the governments of the world can send their most ineffectual politicians and give them something to occupy their addled minds.

And before those of you Americans, as well as non-Americans, who want to tear America down, you best think on this one very solid fact: you can say whatever you want about America and its government with all of its admitted faults this also very solid fact stands clear: it beats those guys in 2nd place by a huge distance. And if you dont think so, take a look at China and Tiananmen Square and you college students with the big mouths on US campuses think about where you would be if China had the current role that the United States holds now. Think about how life would be for Americans if Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabiaany of the Islamic/Muslim countries held the role that America holds now. Think and wake up!

We need, all the countries peoples, to begin to place common sense at the forefront in importance and truly come together in compromise. We need to understand that the world has progressed to the point where total one-sided disagreement is no longer able to be isolated and controlled by the clamor of arms up to and including various degrees of war.

We are at the point where war, anywhere in the world, is going to heavily and disastrously affect/effect every person on the globe. It is simply time for us to get together in true compromise, bite the selfish bullet and begin to agree on things that are best for the world, and not just for our individual countries and selves. It is time for us to abide by the words all parents tell our children in all the worlds languages: You dont always get everything you want!

Can it be done? Can the United States immigration problem/s be solved? Yes, of course it surely can. But not if any and all sides continue to insist that compromise means My Way Not Yours.

Now, I am clearly and state openly, not qualified to arrive at such solutions. However, even I can see some opening parameters, just off the top of my head. I am going to throw a few in here. Just remember, these are but opening suggestions and very flimsy at best, but I do it so show that if this uneducated weak mind of mine can begin to think positively toward this problem, the various illustrious representatives of ALL sides can as well.

The following is right off the top of my head and should not be taken to be anything but a way of showing that there are ways that all sides can be served. It certainly is not complete, but again, to be seen that solutions can be found if we stop yelling at one another.

1. Give legal status to those illegal aliens, that are already here, green card status who apply for them during a certain time frame those that do not at the least apply are then subject to permanent deportation. If they sign at the time of initial application, a witnessed document certifying that they will: Notify authorities upon learning of ANY persons crossing the border, including any family members or relatives. If it is found and proven that they knew and did not, their Green Card status is revoked and they also are deported.

2. The Green Card should allow the holder to modified public welfare/program benefits which are increased or decreased as their status changes.

3. If they do not, and it is found and proven they had knowledge of the illegal crossing they and their, at the time, legal immediate families will have their Green Cards revoked and they will be deported and not allowed to reapply for a specified time period, if at all. Any properties owned at the time of deportation will be confiscated bought/sold at fair market value by the government with the proceeds being split half to deportees AFTER or UPON their deportation, and half to the government.

This is but an extremely small beginning, however even a beach front begins with a single grain of sand. There has to be limitations. There was a case where some illegal aliens trespassed on a Arizona border ranch, and the upshot was that the rancher was penalized and the ranch given to the ILLEGAL aliens. This is so absurd it should make everyone choke in outrage. It is the same as if a citizen beat the heck out of a guy who was burglarizing their house and the judge awarded the criminal the house and all of the persons goods! The operative word here is illegal, and if you do not know this, ILLEGAL means CRIMINAL!!!



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