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Snowwowl-September 27, 2005


Northern oil exploitation in the near future now at hand?

That is a subject that people should begin to keep a watch out for.

I say this because at this point, where nature has created the most opportune time, the government and the oil conglomerates can count on instant and nearly a majority American support.

With the gas and oil prices going sky-high and drivers of all vehicles in Americans screaming about those prices as well as everyone screaming about how the oil supply sky is falling, I dont believe it would take much for the oil concerns and government to ram through the opening of tundra area oil fields.

The situation is made even more favorable to them in view of the fact that right in the middle of the two hurricanes America also had several earthquakes AND a Mt. St. Helens volcano alert.

Just wait until actual winter oil/gas figures start coming in.

At this point, this combined self-appointed voice of catastrophe should be able to walk right over the environmentalists and their lobbies.IF the two act quickly enough. And as you know, when it comes to making money neither of the two are slow to take advantage of others misfortunes when they can do it while waving the banner of so-called Public Demand.

I believe the perfect time is at hand, unless the government falls into its normal routine, which is being unable to walk and chew legislative gum at the same time.

Where do I, personally, stand on this Tundra vs. Oil struggle? How do I go about saying this while angering the fewest people as possible? Basically, this and a couple other things, put me in a very difficult situation. To be able to see the various aspects in both sides of a thing is really an excellent thing to hone and grow in. However, it can from time-to-time twist your tail most uncomfortably. This is one of those times.

It should be able to go without saying, that I have respect and reverence for all of Nature. As well, I know many of the possible ramifications of opening oil fields there.

On the other hand, I know the truth of the fact that these oil fields are needed, and that need as the population continues to grow willy-nilly is only going to grow. For there is another Truth to be admitted: Todays people love their toys. A government, albeit sometimes with increasing difficulty, can do just about anything it wants to, as long as the people have their toys.

That, having been said, progress is, to this point in our knowledge, absolutely essential to the overall survival of our species. For if you have no progress, then stagnation sets in and eventually you either end up with no people at all, or they regress into little better than our so-called cave dwelling friends.

So, like it or not, oil is absolutely essential to the continued lifestyle that we hold dear. Look, throw away all the clutter and see it as it really is without our own oil in truly sufficient quantity to equal the Muslim oil producing countries such as Saudi Arabia, America is going to be led around by the nose by ever increasing oil costs and/or being told what to do under threat of having oil productions shut off, etc. Then we have the fuse for Armageddon lit.

My biggest problem against letting the oil companies do their thing up North, is that the technology and all that is available to do what they need to do with a minimum of natural disruption. Its just that they wont do it. Why? Costs too much. Take this paragraph and add it with the one above it and you have what is known as Oil wanting their cake and eating it too.

Its the absolutely greed that permeates the Oil entities that prevents me from fully siding with them on this particular issue.
Of course this greed is in everything and not just them alone. But, for sure, Oil is the Poster Boy(s) for them all.

As for, shall we say environmentalists, what prevents me from siding with them fully is that they will not compromise to arrive at something that works for both sides; and their apparent belief that it is better for thousands of people to suffer in one way or another than it is to evict some obscure bug.

In short, they both just stand while yelling and hitting the door because they wont use the doorknob or take time to realize, hey there is a difference between Push and Pull!

How do you stand on the Tundra/Oil issue? Well, below is some information for you if you side with the environmentalists, or simply love Nature and believe this should be stopped.

As for contact information, if you side with the Oil folks.well, I doubt if any of us could manage to contact anyone higher than perhaps the mail clerk, so I am not even going to bother trying to find that information. Besides, despite my seeing the need for oil, this does not mean I like the Oil all.


NRCD Action Fund-Fighting in Congress for Our Environment
The fate of the Arctic Refuge will be determined when Congress casts its decisive vote on the budget reconciliation bill. Tell Congress you get the picture: that you know a vote for the budget reconciliation bill is a vote to put oil rigs in the Arctic Refuge. Demand that your representatives oppose any version of the budget bill that would open the Refuge to massive oil development and destruction!


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