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Snowwowl-September 6, 2005




Four hundred to 500 officers on New Orleans' 1600-member force were unaccounted for. Some lost their homes. Some were looking for families. "Some simply left because they said they could not deal with the catastrophe,'' Riley said. Officers were being cycled off duty and given five-day vacations in Las Vegas and Atlanta, where they would also receive counseling. (red emphasis mine)

I read the above and initially started laughing. I quickly realized however, just how pathetic this really is. I mean, please, I cant be the only one that recognizes this is totally uncalled for action?

Look, I am aware, as are most people, the job that lands on a police officers shoulders everyday and during crises. I also, as a general rule, hold the Police Departments of our nation in high esteem. Not in this instance, however! This is truly thinking that comes from cotton-candy brains that always seem to overreact and always in the wrong direction.

Yes, I am sure that many of New Orleans law enforcement are having difficult times. I would think that counseling is far closer and less expensive than Las Vegas oh, thats right some go to Atlantic City. Where, by the way, they would also receive counseling

The Solution has finally been found! Simply give any person who has a couple of difficult days, a paid for five day vacation! So tell me boys (and girls), if you do this for these folks, what are you going to do for the poor people whose overall condition is such that it makes officers need help? Oh, thats right, you havent gotten that far yet.

What about our young warriors in the various services in Iraq, are we scheduling and planning their playground counseling yet? Oh, how silly of me, its their jobs! (But then again, I thought it was the officers job also!) How about the fire department personnel.oh thats right, none of them quit and/or ran away so I guess they do not qualify for the vacations. And the list could go on and on simply put in the name of any employment based on the misery of mankind. I guess that would leave about 3 people working and everyone else in America on vacation?

Law Enforcement is a career but first it is a dedication. If you can not put in the dedication that the job calls for, then dont become or remain an officerget out and find work more suitable for your nature, thats a respectable and intelligent thing to do. But dont cry and moan, run away from home, or beg for vocational/vacational understanding when exactly what you see in your job description, happens. Thats what you free-willed to become, no one drafted you into law enforcement.

The vast majority of this nations law enforcement personnel must be truly embarrassed by the actions or non-actions of their Fraternal Order of Police brothers, way down yonder in New Orleans.


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