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      Those of you who have done more than skip here and there within the pathways of this site will understand the reasons I put forth for the creation of this Section. Because of my visual difficulties and various other nagging problems of encroaching age, I find my face-to-face inter-action with the outside world becoming more limited as time goes by.

      This being the case, I find as well, the avenues that are available to me to vent, rant and/or rave or simply just be as sarcastic as I possibly can over various events, conditions, happenings in todays world lessening as well.

     So, having this Section gives me a chance to do so. Will the various items be Native American related? Some may, most others will not; however, as far as I am concerned despite how I might write them, they all should make the reader begin to do some thinking, whether the reader agrees with me or not.

     Speaking of agreeing or not: This is MY venting section. It is rhetorical in nature. Whether you agree or disagree, please do not email me. I have enough problems handling the email I do get regarding other questions and/or the site. As I said, tis my venting section, and perhaps a way of getting some people to begin to think, and this, for themselves.

     Another thing, I refuse to be put in a box. There will be some that will want to label me a Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Left or Right Winger or whatever. Sorry, I do not consider myself any of the labels just waiting out there to be applied to each and every person that decides to speak up. In attempting to stand back and viewing myself objectively, I pray that my summation is correct and that I decide/judge/view/whatever, each subject or event on its own merits and the way I feel about any of them is my own personal view and not born of affiliation of any so-called party.

     These small articles within the Section will come out in no particular order and will occur as events unfold or my mind decides it has had enough of a certain thing and needs to blow off some steam. There will be no particular titles to them, but rather I will simply number them as they are created.

     Lastly, if you are one that enjoys reading such as this, great! If not, feel most free to pay not the least bit of attention to the Section and its contents I will not be offended. 

     In either event, if you have gotten this far, the Owl, the Wolf, and the Stone Woman welcome you to the Nest of the SnowwOwl.


RATED: This is somewhere in the middle of a Heavy Duty Outrage?

     The United States Military Forces, it would appear, have finally matured enough to rid themselves of the stranglehold that the nonsensical inter-service rivalry has ever decimated each services individual effectiveness as well as combined effectiveness. At least, this is what I witnessed within Operation Iraqi Freedom. This is NOT my rant here.

    My rant comes in the form of: Do you not think it is time that the major political parties, that is to say, the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as a couple lesser ones, begin to mature as well? 

     Do you not think that it is far and away time that both realize that regardless of certain differences of political opinion, as well as either combined or individual We/I want, needs to be done away with. That these same politicos start listening to what The People want, instead of them enacting what the politicos want, then labeling it as Hearing The Voices of The People?

     It seems it get worse all the time. It has become a system that works harder to discredit whichever Party at any given moment, and especially that Partys Current President. Certainly they expend more effort in those areas than they do striving to fulfill the Responsibility that The People elected them for, in the first place.

     I, for one, am well and truly sick of it. It wouldnt be so bad, if either of them truly fought against this or that proposal or actions of the other, IF they truly believed that 1) it was not the Will of the People; 2) not in the Countrys Best Interests but, no it is done for the simple reason it does not serve their individual I Want or I Will Take My Ball, and Go Home!.

      Fine, take it and go home then. It is Time that the American People stood up and realized that whenever we have to end up, one way or another, voting a Party instead of individuals, we are going to end up with a lot of pigs in a poke. 




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