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I can not,  of course, speak for you, but to me Navaho Sand Painting is the finest and most creative and beautiful art by any people, of any world age, any place on Mother Earth.  As the first Gallery shown below mentions, the Navaho words for Sand Paintings mean: The place where the gods come and go. Now, if I could just find out what those words are!*** If you know, send us an email!

***The Navajo word for Sandpainting words is---"iikaah" (ee-EE-kah). Thank you Richard for supplying the information. ~ Stone Woman

I tried very hard to gather more examples than what are given here.  I spent at least over 48 total hours just surfing.  Oh, to be sure, I found many sites that had one or two examples, but usually they were either obviously commercial/tourist stuff that I did not wish to bother you with them, or it was so difficult to get into the site to where they were at, it was not worth the time and effort, for youor for me.  So, until I find better and more examples, this is going to have to do for now.

Once again, I state most emphatically that these pictures and the sites listed are done for the educational purpose and nothing else: I get absolutely no remuneration for their placing.  Well, in a sense I do, if you enjoy them and it lights or rekindles within your heart a spark and/or interest in Native Americans, then I am indeed, well paid.

Penfield Gallery:

This Gallery has some very beautiful sections.  If one is truly seeking to learn or discover the creative spirituality of the Native American, they simply can not pass this website by.

 Wallace Ben Pollen Boy on Sun Veronica Begay Mother Earth-Father Sky Rosabelle Ben Whirling Female Yeis Darrell Ben
Buffalo People  
Cora Bryant
Holy People of the Four Directions  
Hosteen Etsitty
Coyote Stealing Fire Frank Martin Healing Chant of Female Yeis, Home of the Bear Sammy Myerson
Navaho Pictorial
 War Eagle 
(Harvey Begay)
Home of the Bear and the Snake  
Chris Yazzie
Arizona Trading Post:
This website has many different sections.
Wedding Vase   
Navaho Artist.
Fetish Bear  
Navaho Artist
Sun Face   
Navaho Artist
Navaho Artist

  The Ceramists Kiln:
The link we had is no longer good.
If anyone knows of this person and has a current link email Stone Woman

This is the Home Page of a teacher in the Pacific Northwest, in Seattle, Washington to be exact. These pictures are some examples of his Sand Painting Collection.  As he states that he built the site for his students, I doubt whether he offers any of them for sale.  You will find the section for Sand Paintings in his personal information section, at the bottom, along with other sections to explore.
The Whirlling Gods Navaho Artist Thunder Bird  
Navaho Artist
Healing God
 Navaho Artist
Creation Story Navaho Artist
Sun and Eagle with Mother Earth and Father Sky
 Navaho Artist


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