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JOHN DE BOER- Musician, Artist and Composer


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    Standing at the edge of the world on the rim of the Navajo Canyon the Grandfathers answered the voice of the flute. Echoing the melodies down the valley to the Pueblo village ruins at Spruce Tree in Mesa Verde National Park where ancient spirits live.

    On the walls of the caves are Petroglyphs of the flute player Kokopelli and the legends of old telling the story well. I could feel that the Native American Flute and its song felt at home here in the Pueblo ruins where it had sang thousands of years ago.

    Nighteagle a good friend who is a flute maker and pipe carrier had taken me to his favorite place to play. Out on a point over looking Navajo Canyon where the natural acoustics, reverb and echo where enchantingly magical.

    The view of the world from over ten thousand feet was from the eye of an eagle and was unparalleled in its awe and beauty.

    The breath of the Creator was in my lungs and the voice of the Great Spirit was in my heart as the sound of the Native American Flute made its long journey echoing miles down the canyon walls. The answering voices telling a timeless story of the west and the people who lived here.

    This was a mystical moment for me expanding my understanding and consciences of what music can be and was at one time. I played here until I could play no more.

    John De Boer

John De Boer has been a professional musician for over 20 years. A multi-talented composer and entertainer, John has been performing on stage and national television since he was four years old. He holds a degree in fine arts and is a certified music teacher. Still, John mostly plays "by ear", believing that music theory and sheet music are a mere guide, a "road map" to assist a person in finding the music which resides inside of each of our souls. John De Boer's music is played from his heart, and when you hear his songs you can tell they were born from deep within his soul.

I have both of John's CD's and I listen to them every day. ~ Stone Woman

To See John: Download his Current List of Performances (04/15/07)
To hear the music and see a video of John Be Boer go to Sonic Garden .
To order John's CD's go to SkyDancer Designs on Ebay
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