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JOHN DE BOER- Musician, Artist and Composer


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While I was playing the Native American Flute at Lake Dardanelle I could hear many birds singing returning the call of the flute. This was not unusual the birds often sing along with the voice of the Native American flute and I remarked to Deborah "Do you hear them?

About half way through the second song in the chorus of many different types of birds near and far in the distance I heard what I thought were the voices of eagles getting closer. At the end of the song I asked Deborah "Are those Eagles in the distance?" She replied I think theyre Crows"

As I started to play the third flute song the Eagle's Cry became louder, over powering the sound of all the other birds in the forest leaving no doubt it was the voice of the eagle.

I stepped into the opening and looked to the sky as I played to see if I could catch a glimpse of them. As I did the Eagles voice became louder and louder permeating the forest and over shadowing all the other sounds so intense I could feel it in my heart they had arrived.

Then just over my head huge, soaring, strong and majestic they swooped down with their steely eyes upon me looking directly at the strange bird who's voice rang through the woods and echoed over the lake.

In their voices I heard them singing saying to me "We are free and shall always be. It is our right to take to flight and soar the clear blue sky."

I turned to Deborah who was standing next to me in awe, wonder, and joy with eyes as big as saucers and whispered "Eagles.

I did not stop playing the flute but played with the Eagles as they lingered and made many passes over me so close they were looking me directly in the eye.

This magic moment of "Singing with Eagles" will be etched into my mind forever.

The beauty, grace and power of the Great Spirits handy work never cease to amaze me.

John De Boer

John De Boer has been a professional musician for over 20 years. A multi-talented composer and entertainer, John has been performing on stage and national television since he was four years old. He holds a degree in fine arts and is a certified music teacher. Still, John mostly plays "by ear", believing that music theory and sheet music are a mere guide, a "road map" to assist a person in finding the music which resides inside of each of our souls. John De Boer's music is played from his heart, and when you hear his songs you can tell they were born from deep within his soul.

I have both of John's CD's and I listen to them every day. ~ Stone Woman

To See John: Download his Current List of Performances (04/15/07)
To hear the music and see a video of John Be Boer go to Sonic Garden .
To order John's CD's go to SkyDancer Designs on Ebay
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Created August 23, 2005