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Native American Visions:  

Very nice site and very informative. Has a bead buyers guide complete with described sizes of beads, how to estimate your bead needs for your project, etc. Also has a section that completely describes their beads, where they get them, etc. They also have beadwork supplies, patterns, books and a printed catalog you can get. This catalog costs 25 cents plus 3.75 S&H; however, if you order some other items and the catalog, it only costs the 25 cents. The catalog also includes a color bead chart.

No description, which is too bad, wonderful example of workmanship in this dress. No description, one can only wonder at the hours spent on this beautiful beaded work!
No description, however, if America had kept the French Designers in Paris, and looked to Native Americans for STYLE, we all would have been far better off! What beautiful workmanship.

Normally, I do not speak out much about prices of various things on sites that have the examples shown for sale. However, while I do not know much at all about the prices of good beads, etc., I can compare these prices to the prices that are offered in the various stores, NOT to my knowledge Native American owned/operated, around my area of Reno, Nevada, and these prices are great, in that comparison.

White Heart Beads exact reproductions of Hudson Bay Trading Co. beads; French glass. Luster Colors First used by Woodland Tribes around 1920s; not imitation luster that will wear off, this luster is baked on! 
Native American Rainbows:
This is another very nice site. However, it may be due to work in progress, but definitely not enough example pictures in the clothing section. Plenty of pictures in other areas though, and some neat stuff to be found.
Apache/Navaho made shirt by Travis Francis Apache Sun Pendleton Blanket; 64 x 80

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