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Osage County Arrowheads:
This is another very fine site with some unusual relics to be seen. When I found this site it was during a redirect and what I got for an address was a Tripod 87 mile long redirect which I refuse to put inhey, call me obstinate, but there it is! Lol. However, Mr. Schanz was gracious and sent me the proper link!
Antler Knife Osage County, Missouri 4 long, finders says it probably was a knife blade and could be Etley
Snyders/Hopewell Archaic corner notch Smith Knife blade Pine Tree/Kirk?
Family of Man Artifacts:
This is the site of a dealer/collector who seems to have a broad selection from across the country. Here is his opening statement: I buy and sell only legally acquired artifacts. If you are a one that is looking to get into collecting, well anything actually, you should look for open and upfront statements like this. There are too many folks out there looking to make a quick, easy buck and the cyber trail is giving them many new ways to do so. Please, make sure from whom you are buying from when and if you decide to do so. Look for sites like this, and others who strive to walk honorably and will not countenance the plundering of mounds and/or burial grounds, etc. I mean, it is quite one thing to find something along a river or creek bed and another to break into a burial site, no matter how ancient and old it might seem. After all, how would you like it if you found out that someone was digging up your Great-great-great-grandfather's grave and using the excuse, Well, I collect old watches and rings.
2 5/8 Humboldt variety? Found in California. Green Fransican Chert 2 Martis 4000-1500 BC SE California to W. Nevada 7/8 Jade pendant found in Northern California
2 1/8 Brown Chert found in Nevada Duncan translucent agate found in Montana 1 7/8 Rabbit Island purple agate found in Oregon 2 1/4 Northern Slide Notch in California apple green in color

       I was going to extend this page more. However, I have begun to run into sites that offer relics and arrowheads for sale. Now, as you can tell, I do not mind the selling and/or trading of arrowheads. However, these sites are listed them for upwards to $3,000! Apiece! And that, readers, disgusts me. So, I am going to let this page stand as it is for now; when I have found some more reasonable sites along with some true collector sites, I will then enlarge the page for both our enjoyments.


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