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Scotts Arrowheads:

     I must admit, I find I have a liking for this man. It is quite evident that he collects in an honorable manner as well as respects and honors the ancestors long ago who created his finds. Here, judge for yourself by a few of his words, and then visit his site.

     All of our finds are surface finds, and being in rivers, are almost totally out of context from where they started out. We don't do any digging and we don't mess with any mounds...Every one of my points means alot to me - I remember finding each one. For that reason, I don't think I could ever sell them.

    These artifacts are highly honorable - and the way of life that they represent is, in my opinion, worthy of great respect.

The following were all found in Kansas:

3 1/2 Scottsbluff Type 1 est. 10,000 years old 2 1/2 Plainview 4 5/8 Scottsbluff Type 1 3 Benton found in Marshall County, Kansas
2 3/4 Motley or Cupp point 3 1/4 late paleo/early archaic period of 
multicolor flint
Jasons Indian Artifacts and Arrowheads Pages:
    This young man is 19 years old and certainly seems to have found the hobby of his life, if not his career! The site is well done with fine, clear pictures. He has a lot of things to see, so go there! (s). 

The examples I show below are from his section on: Classic Points.

4 1/2 Dovetail Lakewood, Ohio 4 grey and red Flint Ridge   6 1/2 extremly large Cobbs Triangular Knife, Seneca County, Ohio. 3 5/16 broadblade Flint Ridge (he found it in his backyard!!!)
Green Country Artificats:
Another very nice site with many pictures and examples. It would seem that this site is both dedicated to collecting and selling.
 Afton points pentagonal shape mid-Archaic to early Woodland time periods Big Creek point rounded base, drooping corner points late Archaic-early Woodlands Conejo point re-sharpened by user until next to nothing - late Archaic time period Darl point extended stem Woodland time period
Elam points small and stubby w/squared base late Archaic-early Woodland Raddatz point late Archaic-early Woodland


Thebes point early Archaic Snyders (Hopewell) point Woodland
Williams point mid-Archaic-Woodland Gary point super thin late Archaic

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