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    One of the most numerous and powerful tribes that ever existed in the Northern regions of our country, and now one of the most completely annihilated.

Not-o-way (Thinker)Not-o-way (Thinker)
In speaking of Not-o-way: He seemed to be quite ignorant of the early history of his tribe, as well as of the position and condition of its few scattered remnants, who are yet in existence.  He told me, however, that he had always learned that the Iroquois had conquered nearly all the world; but the Great Spirit being offended at the great slaughters by his favorite people, resolved to punish them; and he sent a dreadful disease amongst them, that carried the most of them off, and all the rest that could be found, were killed by their enemies-that though he was an Iroquois, which he was proud to acknowledge to me, as I was to make him live after he was dead; he wished it to be generally thought, that he was a Chippeaway, that he might live as long as the Great Spirit had wished it when he made him.
Lived in the upper waters and mountains of the Columbia River.
Hee-oh'ks-te-kin (Rabbit Skin Leggings); young tribal man.Hee-ohks-te-kin (Rabbit Skin Leggings); young tribal man. H'co-a-h'co-a-h'cotes-min (No Horns On His Head)Hco-a-hco-a-hcotes-min (No Horns On His Head); young tribal man.

They are painted wearing Sioux dress which were given to them during a talk with the Sioux.

Lower parts of the Columbia River.  Also were known as The Flatheads.
Hee-do-ge-ats (no other name given), young boy who had not had the headflatting process done to him, which while rare in other peoples of the over-all Flatheads, was predominent within The Flatheads, themselves. Woman and child showing the final result and how the process is begun on children.Woman and child showing the final result and how the process is begun on children.
SHA-WA-NOS (Shawnee):

    There is not a tribe on the continent whose history is more interesting than that of the Shawanos; nor any one that has produced more extra-ordinary men.

Ten-squa (Open Door)Ten-squa (Open Door); called Shawnee Prophet; brother of Tecumseh. Tecumsehs picture will be shown elsewhere, Catlin does not have a picture of him, he was out west fighting for the US at the time. (Irony that!).

In Mississippi/Alabama area but moved to South side of the Arkansas River. There is scarcely a finer country on earth than that now owned by the Creeks;.

It is no uncommon thing to see a Creek with 20 or 30 slaves at work on his plantation.

They would not have this fine countrynor the plantationnor the slaves, for long.

Stee-cha-co-me-co (The Great King)Stee-cha-co-me-co (The Great King), known as Ben Perryman. Hol-te-mal-te-tz-neehk-ee (no other name given)Hol-te-mal-te-tz-neehk-ee (no other name given); known as Sam Perryman, Bens brother.
Northern parts of Alabama/Mississippi; moved to South of the Arkansas and Canadian Rivers adjoining Creeks and Cherokees and lived in basically the same manner.
Mo-sho-lal-tub-bee (He Who Puts Out and Kills), Chief.Mo-sho-lal-tub-bee (He Who Puts Out and Kills), Chief. Ha-tchoa-tuck-nee (Snapping Turtle)Ha-tchoa-tuck-nee (Snapping Turtle); called Peter Pinchlin.
Ka-bes-kunk (He Who Travels Everywhere).Ka-bes-kunk (He Who Travels Everywhere). Ka-be-mub-be (He Who Sits Everywhere)Ka-be-mub-be (He Who Sits Everywhere), the aboves brother.
Mah-kee-me-teuv (Grizzly Bear)Mah-kee-me-teuv (Grizzly Bear); Headman. Me-cheet-e-neuh (Wounded Bear's Shoulder)Me-cheet-e-neuh (Wounded Bears Shoulder); wife of Grizzly Bear.
Chee-me-ha-na-quet (Great Cloud)Chee-me-ha-na-quet (Great Cloud); Son of Grizzly Bear.  Catlin depicts him as insolent and surly and later being killed for murderous deeds.

The Sacs and the Foxes were great but separate tribes of their own at one time, but necessity and decimation made them merge into one people, describing themselves and not either Sac nor Fox, but as Sacs and Fox; and now are inseperable by their own desire.

Muk-a-tah-mish-o-kah-kaik (Blackhawk)Muk-a-tah-mish-o-kah-kaik (Blackhawk), this is the same Blackhawk of the Blackhawk Nah-se-us-kuk (Whirling Thunder); son of Blackhawk.Nah-se-us-kuk (Whirling Thunder); son of Blackhawk.
Kee-o-kuk (Running Fox)Kee-o-kuk (Running Fox); appointed Chief by tribe after the arrest of Black Hawk. Wife of Kee-o-kuk.Wife of Kee-o-kuk.
Favorite son of Kee-o-kuk.Favorite son of Kee-o-kuk.


    The word Seminole is a Creek word, signifying runaways; a name which was given to a part of the Creek nation, who emigrated in a body to a country farther South, where they have lived to the present day; and continually extended their dominions by overrunning the once numerous tribe that occupied the Southern extremity of the Florida Cape, called the Euchees; whom they have at last nearly annihilated, and then taken the mere remnant of them in, as a part of their tribe.

Osceola (Black Drink)Osceola (Black Drink); commonly called Powell and was considered a half-breed son of white man and Creek woman.  Though he was not a Chief, he was looked upon as the Spiritual Master and Leader of the tribe. Ye-how-lo-gee (Cloud); one of the Chiefs.Ye-how-lo-gee (Cloud); one of the Chiefs.
Ee-nat-la (King Phillip)Ee-nat-la (King Phillip); aged Chief who died a few weeks after this painting was done. Co-ee-ha-jo (no other name given)Co-ee-ha-jo (no other name given); another Chief.

Mandan Painted Story Robe in Catlin's collection.Mandan Painted Story Robe in Catlins collection.

   This completes Part One of Portraits of the Past. 
Hope you have enjoyed this walk into the Past.


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