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Fort Gibson, Arkansas area. The Osage, or as they call themselves, Wa-saw-see The Osage may justly be said to be the tallest race of men in North America, either of red or white skins; there being very few indeed of the men, at their full growth, who are less than six feet in stature, and very many of them six and a half, and others seven fee.

ClermontClermont; Head Chief of the Osages. (No other name given.)

Wife and child of Chief ClermontWife and Child of Chief Clermont. (No names given.)
Tchong-tas-sab-bee (Black Dog)Tchong-tas-sab-bee (Black Dog); amongst the other chiefs, and probably next in authority (to Chief Clermont)is seven feet.250/300 pounds. Tal-leeTal-lee (No other name given); one of the most noted and respected warriors.

    We white men, strolling abut amongst their wigwams, are looked upon with as much curiosity as if we had come from the moon; and evidently create a sort of chill in the blood of children and dogs, when we make our appearance.

     The Camanchees are in stature, rather low, and in person, often approaching corpulency.  In their movements,  they are heavy and ungraceful; and on their feet, one of the most unattractive and slovenly-looking races of Indians that I have ever seen; but the moment they mount their horses, they seem at once metamorphosed, and surprise the spectator with the ease and elegance of their movements.  A Camanchee on his feet is out of his element, and comparatively almost as awkward as a monkey on the ground, without a limb or a branch to cling to; but the moment he lays his hand upon his horse, his face, even, becomes handsome, and he gracefully flies away like a different being.

Ee-shah-ko-nee (Bow and Quiver); 1st Chief.Ee-shah-ko-nee (Bow and Quiver); 1st Chief. Ta-wah-que-nah (Mountain of Rocks); 2nd Chief.Ta-wah-que-nah (Mountain of Rocks); 2nd Chief.
Were located in Illinois, Southern end of Lake Michigan.  Soon after these period they sold the lands and moved (were moved) out west of the Missouri River.

Kee-an-ne-kuk (Foremost Man)Kee-an-ne-kuk (Foremost Man); Chief and was commonly known as the Shawnee Prophet; and devoted Christian. (It should be noted here that in the Catlin books, be it by him or others who put them together, there is more than one man so named as being known as the Shawnee Prophet. )

Ah-ton-we-tuck (Cock Turkey)Ah-ton-we-tuck (Cock Turkey), disciple of the above; shown reading, in attitude of prayer, from characters cut onto stick.



Lived in Indiana and moved to Kansas

Go-to-kow-pah-a (He Who Stands By Himself). Go-to-kow-pah-a (He Who Stands By Himself).

Wa-pa-je-a (The Swan) Wa-pa-je-a (The Swan)
On-saw-kie (The Sac)On-saw-kie (The Sac) Na-pow-sa (Bear Travelling in the Night). Na-pow-sa (Bear Travelling in the Night).
At the time there were about 12 of this people left due to small pox and the surprising attacks by certain tribes during this epidemic that hit so very many peoples during that time frame.
Kee-mon-saw (Little Chief)Kee-mon-saw (Little Chief) Wah-pe-she-see (Mother of Little Chief).Wah-pe-she-see (Mother of Little Chief).
Lived in Illinois, but were under contract to move West of the Missouri River; had a population left of around 200.
Pah-me-cow-e-tah (Man Who Tracks)Pah-me-cow-e-tah (Man Who Tracks). Kee-mo-ra-ai-a Kee-mo-ra-ai-a (no translation given); influential man.


    No other tribe on the continent has been so much moved and jostled about by civilized invasions.

Ee-tow-o-kaum (Both Sides of the River); Chief.Ni-co-man (The Answer); leading Chief. Non-on-da-gonNon-on-da-gon (no translation given); another Deleware Chief.

MO-HEE-CON-NEUHS or MOHEGANS (The Good Canoemen):

Lived near Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Catlin described these people as "all that remains of the once powerful and celebrated tribe of the Pequots of Massachusetts."

Ee-tow-o-kaum (Both Sides of the River)Ee-tow-o-kaum (Both Sides of the River); Chief. Waun-naw-con (Dish)Waun-naw-con (Dish); Baptist Missionary Preacher known as John W. Quincy.

Lived in New York and were one of the confederacy known as The Six Nations.
(No Native American Name Given) Bread. (No Native American Name Given) Bread.
Another Six Nation member; located near Buffalo, New York.

Cu-sickCu-sick, son of Chief by same name of Cu-sick; Baptist Preacher.

Lived near Niagra Falls, New York.

Of the following, no Native American names were given by Catlin:

Good HunterGood Hunter; tribal member. Hard HickoryHard Hickory; tribal member.
Red JacketRed Jacket; Chief.

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