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BRUCE-September 2002

Wambli Okiye is Lakota for "Eagle - Helps - Him"
The great eagle spirit is called upon by this
man during his vision quest.
The man seeks the wisdom and strength of his brother , the Eagle.
He quests to know by instinct
What is true, as the Eagle knows.

On the magnificent mountain , spirit of Eagle
and spirit of man merge , vision to vision , within the
silent mist that joins the sky to earth
in a seamless whole. This is a profound moment in time,
created by an ancient ritual between man and animal.

Come into the vision , observer......Become the eye of the Eagle.
Are you too , and Eagle ? How else could you view this
Great preditor from above ?

May the great Spirit bless you with the wisdom to see your guiding vision ,
the strength to act from your heart , and the courage to follow the path
of your dreams.

Onen ki wahi
Skennen kowa

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