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WILLOW-October 19, 2001

Nice little slogan brought on by the media and the politicians (George W. Bush) to start the frenzy of war

United We Stand......

Why now? Why not always? What has been happening in the last two hundred  years and more since the settlers first came here.........

United We Stand.....

It was the government, not you or I, that on every form you have to check black,  white, red, yellow which are the original four races. But now it is white not Hispanic, black not Hispanic, Hispanic...since when is Hispanic a race and where is this country Hispanic? There's forms that take it even farther. 

United We Stand...yet from the beginning of time they have been separating us  for their convenience

Where was United We Stand in Minnesota three years ago while Native 
Americans were getting beaten and the
media put a block on it.

Where was United We Stand two years ago at the Pine Ridge Reservation when  a hand full were fighting for their rights.

United We Stand....

Where was it when each day in court criminals go free because important evidence  is not admissible or when people who are innocent go to jail as in the case in  Bakers Field, California in the eighties, when over 30 people were jailed for  something they did not do because of the rambling of a crazy woman? Many  cases have been over turned and the innocent let out but they lost their homes  and their children's childhood  because of the way it was handled

United We Stand....

Where is it when a black man, or any minority, goes through a white neighborhood and gets stopped and harassed and sometimes jailed and beaten

You see this frenzy that Bush is starting will not be fought in foreign lands but in  your own back yard by ghosts. And it won't be the sons of the rich and famous or  the politicians who will give their lives, but the minorities and the poor. That is how we stand United. It is very easy for these people to scream war sitting comfortably  in their living rooms watching TV. Let them put on desert fatigues and go into Afghanistan.

Since Bush has been put into office he has stopped aid to anything that had helped or researched for HIV or Aids and anything with birth control because it his  personal choice. Are we to live our lives as he wishes or are we free men and  women to decide on our own

He insulted China not once but twice to start problems.

He let the oil cartel raise gas prices to pay back the money they gave to his  campaign, and we all paid for that. And he is allowing future plans for drilling in Alaska in parts that are have not been touched by civilization and should remain  so. He is taking advantage and is hiding it with other propositions so if you vote  against it you are unpatriotic.

He embarrassed America as a country at the meeting of all countries trying to  decide how to save the ecology when he insulted them and walked out.

He stands for BIG BUSINESS not for the people

At his own alma mater when he was asked to speak at the graduating class after  he took office, he was booed off the stage and many students turned their backs  on him. Now you ask me to stand by a man who from the start, if you opened your eyes you would see, has been in many ways trying to make a name for himself. He wants to be a president that will be remembered, no matter the cost.

So no, I will not stand united; not behind a war monger. Because I see things for what they are. I am not a sheep. I stand for my rights and if you think that in any  way this country is free, you better think again. Because your illustrious leader now under the cloak of protecting us, has taken the first steps toward Marxism and if you think it wasn't there all ready, think again. You see now is the beginning of the new world order. They can now legally tap your phones, search your homes and  basically do anything they want under the pretense of protecting us. Remember  the red scare? This will be worse.

United We Stand............

Lets stand united as free thinkers and not be brought down not only by terrorism  but by politicians and BIG BUSINESS ........ who care only of the all mighty dollar.

We all have heard of carburetors that get a hundred miles to the gallon or alternative engines that run on clean energy. Yet the oil cartel stops it from being manufactured because they will lose money.

Each year toxins are being dumped in the ocean because it is cheaper for BIG BUSINESS to get rid of their waste. And no one cares of the pollution.

We hear of the rain forest being demolished but no one does anything about it BIG BUSINESS doesn't care that they are taking down the trees that give us the air we breath.

And now war a war that is not even ours to fight has been brought to our homes our children did we all forget Vietnam and how many lives that destroyed.


It's time open up your eyes before it is to late don't be sheep it's time to stop destroying the very earth that gives us life.........It's time to stop BIG BUSINESS from destroying our surroundings...........It's time to stand United against a government that does not care about it's people and is headed towards disaster.

UNITED WE STAND...........

See what it really means and do it for the good of all and not for the good of one man who wants to be remembered.



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