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There is a Creator,
I am not the Creator,
I am of the Creator.


Heya brothers and sisters, it has been awhile since this walking turtle was last seen in these parts. Some of you know of me and my travels, others I have yet to meet. Osiyo to all.

In honor I greet you and I am blessed because of you! AHO!

I would like to share with you this day some of the lesson's and wisdoms that I have gained on my walk across the great turtles back. If there is any understanding gained from my words then I have honored the Creator and my brothers and sisters, in this I will be blessed.


Life is a gift each must honor, to dishonor the gift is to dishonor the creator, there is not a time when it is not so. We each walk the same web and although there are many paths, there is only one destination.

The energy of creation exist within us at all times, now, before and forever but this walk last only a moment.

Do not waste this life on regret, or guilt, for there is no clarification no wisdom gained from the past while we remain within it.

Understand that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad unless you make it so.

There are only lessons learned or unlearned.

With each choice comes experience, each experience brings understanding, understanding brings knowledge and knowledge brings wisdom.

If we had the ability to learn each lesson chosen in each moment of life and if we gained the wisdom of each lesson of each moment, at the end of this physical walk we would have only gained the wisdom of a grain of sand.

We are all teachers as well as students.

Always remember, although we may choose the lesson, it is the Creator who will teach the class.

You are always where you need to be, with the end of each moment is the begining of another.

You are who you choose to be.

Each of us are given the gift of life, there is no one greater or lesser then another, all are equal in body and spirit, for the body is only flesh and bone that will in time return to the mother leaving no trace of our passing, only spirit will remain and the wisdoms gained.

Let no one say to you "pray this way" or that you have sinned, there are no words that man can speak that will compare to spirit, no voice that the Creator does not hear.

Let your prayers be from your heart, for within the heart speaks the truth of who we are and let your words be of your own making.

Do not suppose that you are wiser then the one who created you.

If you feel you have nothing to learn, then have your ego go paint the fence.

Give freely of your wisdoms, wisdom kept silent feeds the ego, wisdom shared feeds the spirit.

There is no word that can be spoken that can cause offense, except that you choose it to.

If you find offense in another it is a fault within your own heart, you may not choose the circumstances of life, only how you move through them.

Life is what we make it. It is no more or less then what we choose it to be.

If we are happy, sad if we love or hate, it is of our own choosing. If you are happy then you chose to be so. It is the same in all aspects of our being.

There are no enemy's unless they are of our own choosing.

We choose to be offended or to offend. It is our choice to find offense in others or to be offended when others find fault in us.

We choose to aquire material or spiritual gain.

Every experience, each moment we make choices that will lead us down a different path, we will learn different lessons. This is the way of life, your life.

Look beyond the veil, see the beauty of creation, how blessed we are to share our walk with each other.

Do not pass another without acknowledging thier spirit within, walk in joy of the life you are given honor the diversity of the rainbow the Creator has made.

Laugh often, laughter is also food for the spirit as well as the physical.

Cry when you must this will cleanse the heart.

Honor always your relations, in doing so you will honor the Creator.

Learn the lessons you have forgotten, look to the children, for their wisdom is great.

The child sees with a profound clarity unmarred by ego and mistrust, they see clearly beyond the veil that seperates us from the wisdoms of the universe.

The child knows the two worlds exist, they do not question their place within the web for they know spiritually where they are.

The child still lives within you, seek them out sit with them and learn.

Let your words bring understanding, let your hands bring hope, let your heart bring healing.

Walk in honor of creation, and in the joy of life.


In Honor of Snow Owl

Brother I still feel the wind of your feathers across my spirit,
may my words give honor to you!
I give thanks to the Creator for the honor of sharing the path with Snow Owl,
I am blessed by his wisdoms and guided by his lessons still.

Take care and soft paths
Turtle Walk

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