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In honor I greet you and am blessed because of you.

There is a truth we share,
A truth greater then life and death.
Yet we hide this truth beneath the veil,
Even from ourselves.

     This life, this time, this existence, belongs to you, given by the creator and sustained by the mother, you are a miracle of creation.

     You are unique and separate upon this earth, within this existence only you will determine who and what you will become. You are your own creator or destroyer, your own lover or hater, your own friend or enemy. There are no words or actions that I can speak or do that will change your path.

     Only you will choose to feel happiness or pain, trust or distrust, empathy or apathy. Only you will choose to help or to hinder. The experiences of your choices bring lessons, understanding and growth, defining who you are and what you will become.

     Your life should not be governed by the views of society or the laws of man but by your own spiritual truths and beliefs. There is no time when we do not know what is right and what is wrong, spirit always speaks first, but ego always speaks loudest. Learn to listen with patience and acknowledge what spirit has to say.

      Life does not exist because of you, yet, because of life you exist, this is the greatest gift of creation, that we become two from one, first spirit, second physical. Only in the physical, can we experience life, death and emotion, for spirit is eternal and life and death have no meaning.

     Life is always as it should be, your choice determines the direction that you will go and the lesson you will learn. Do not judge another for their walk . Right or wrong, good or bad it is their lesson to learn. Likewise allow no man to judge you, there is no authority greater then the creator who has given you this life, and who you shall meet when this walk is done.

     Our children are the key to our past as well as our future, through us they learn where they come from and their unending connection to all things.

     Teach through the oral traditions as in the old ways ,each of us has many stories that we can tell , those passed from generation to generation, and those which we ourselves have gained through personal experience.

     Teach them through example, with love and devotion to that which we hope to preserve for future generations. For it is to these children, born in this great time of change, that knowledge and wisdom of the old ways must be preserved. We must not let the old paths be washed away.

     If you wish to learn, then seek out the elders and the children, sit with them, listen with patience, watch with clear eyes and an open mind, not just with the two legged but with all your relations.

      If you wish to teach, then likewise seek the elders and the children, for even teachers become students when the class begins.

     Always acknowledge the great spirit and the great mother for the abundance within your life, even within the darkest of times, you still carry the greatest gift and within this gift of life all things are possible.

     Acknowledge also that there will never be a time when you will not be dependent upon the mother and all your relations for sustaining you. Do not dishonor your relations who give sacrifice so that you may live , acknowledge their gift of life, it is the highest form of honor that they do so. All life is valid, man is only one small part of the life sustained by the mother, but man has the capacity to cause great good or great harm.

     Remember your connection to the mother and all your relations, treat all life with respect of spirit.

     Of all creation, only man, in his arrogance, places himself above our relations. When in truth man by his own hands and disrespect of other life has caused immeasurable harm and destruction to each and every part of creation. This does not make us superior, but instead shows an inability to understand the most basic of all laws and truths.

One Creator,
One Universe,
One Earth,
One Tribe.

     This is the time to teach all that will hear, give voice to your heart share, the lessons learned so that others may understand.

     This is a time to learn, each moment, each experience brings us closer to the truth of who we are.

     Life has only the meaning that you give it and only you define the meaning of your existence. The truth of who you are remains constant and can bear no false witness.  Therefore seek the truth, find your connection to creation, and your place within it.

So that you will understand.

May love guide you and keep you, and may your paths bring peace to all our relations. Aho!

Your Comments, Questions and Suggestions are Welcome!

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