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 In honor I greet you and am blessed because of you.

     There are many names for the creator, many words used to describe that which cannot be described. Throughout the existence of mankind from the earliest times, when there were no words man spoke to the creator and the creator heard the voice. Today there are many tribes, many words, and many cultures who speak the name of the creator as they hear it within their spirit. This is true also for each of us, there is no one word that can reach above any other, there is no one book of knowledge, that holds the answer to creation or the path that you must follow.

     We are unique only on this earth, within the boundaries of our own creations. It is the experience of life of being human in which we choose and define who and what we are by that which we experience. Our experiences do not make us who we are, how we perceive and acknowledge our part in the experience is what defines us.

     Faith is a conviction of personal belief based on ones own values and experiences.
There are no prayers, no chants, that can prove your faith, it is not in mans words that the creator hears but in the hearts plea and the spirits truth. Likewise there is no culture or religion that can speak your personal truths or sing your songs and prayers.

     In seeking guidance, it is good to remember that words hold knowledge but the wisdoms can only be gained through understanding. If it feeds the spirit then we gain spiritual wisdom. Borrowed truths lack conviction and quickly fade leaving us with guilt and a sense of being unworthy and will keep us from the truth that lives within all our relations. The Creator has no need for words they belong to man and have meaning only as long as man chooses, it is the faith of our convictions and our belief in the truth that lives within us that hold our connection with all creation.

     Do not be led nor should you follow let your walk be your own and let your truth live within you.

     May you walk in honor and with the blessings of creation always.

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