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     In the old days, the days of my ancestors, life had different meaning.

     In that time long ago my people rejoiced in the beauty and bounty of creation.

     They sang their prayers to the rising sun to the east, and to the setting sun in the west.

     The day of my ancestors began and ended with prayer, with giving thanks, and in giving of honor to the Creator.

     There was nothing taken that was not honored. Nothing given that was not also honored in return.

     They sang songs and laughed openly at the joys in their lives, they sang songs of healing and wept when their hearts could no longer contain the pain.

     They told stories of moral content, of lore past down, and of bravery and courage.

     The children learned from these stories wisdoms of which they could understand and the understanding lived within their hearts.

     The children honored the Elders for they knew that deep wisdoms lived within their hearts.

     In the old days my ancestors worked together for the health and protection of the band, there was no one who was not known, no one who did not contribute.

     In the old days life was hard. There was sickness, wars, famines, floods, and the threat of extinction from many causes.

     In the old days they found reason to give thanks in all things and in all ways, they lived their lives in honor of Creation for they knew that each day brought change and in the ending of one, was the beginning of another.

     They knew their place within the circle of life and understood that balance was part of the whole, not just within, but without also, and that it was to each one to do his/her part for the good of the whole.

     There is no life without death, no light without dark, no joy without pain.

     In the old days they accepted this.

     In the old days there was balance!

May I honor the paths of my ancestors, and bring wisdoms to those who will follow.
Turtle Walk

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